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Herbert Mermagen

Herbert Mermagen noted x-ray pioneer and medical physicist was born on 19 April 1907 and died at the age of 73 in Rochester, New York on January 1981.


Atomic Energy Project

The Atomic Energy Project at the University of Rochester was a graduate teaching program. The project had three divisions. William Freer Bale headed the Radiology and Biophysics division that worked largely on radioactive materials—for example, radium, radon, plutonium, and polonium. James Newell Stannard was responsible for 2 sections, the Radiation Toxicology section and the Radioautography section. Harold Hodge headed the Pharmacology and Toxicology division that focused on Uranium including inhalation studies. Joe W. Howland, M.D. headed the clinically oriented Medical Services division. Mermagen worked in the Medical Physics section as a radiological physicist, known today as a health physicist.[1][2][3]

Health Physics Society

Served on the Health Physics Society, Board of Directors from 1955-1957.

In the midyear issue of Science the announcement came of the formation new national scientific organization for health physicists at the 3 day Health Physics Conference at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio on 14 June 1955.[4] The organization was temporarily named "Health Physics Society", and Karl Z. Morgan of the Health Physics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory was elected interim president. Other interim officers were:

First Board of Directors

Talks regarding the formation of a professional society had been ongoing for several years. The health physicists had decided to form an independent organization rather than attach to an existing group.
Directors of the Health Physics Society included:

Personal life

Herbert Mermagen age 28 married Geraldine E. Julian age 26 in Rochester, New York. Marriage notice published in The Daily Record on 2 April 1936 and listed in the marriage record as occupation of x-ray.[6]

Select publications


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