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High School Attached to Zhejiang University

The High School Attached to Zhejiang University

MottoSeek for knowledge, truth, steadiness, creativeness
PrincipalShentu Yongqing (申屠永庆)
High School Attached to Zhejiang University
Traditional Chinese浙江大學附屬中學
Simplified Chinese浙江大学附属中学

The High School Attached to Zhejiang University (Chinese: 浙江大学附属中学; pinyin: Zhèjiāng Dàxué Fùshû Zhōngxué) is one of the first group of approved by Zhejiang Education Committee in China. It is located in 89 Shuguang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


The High School Attached to Zhejiang University was founded in 1947 as Mingyuan Private School by Mingyuan Club members such as Feng Zikai, Pan Tianshou. In 1959 the school was placed under Zhejiang University. In 1972 it was renamed Hangzhou Fifteenth Middle School and later controlled by the Education Bureau of Hangzhou. It was renamed The High School Attached to Zhejiang University in 1992.[1]

Based on the history of our school, the school naturally owns these two cultural sources, Mingyuan and Zhejiang University, aiming at fulfilling students’ personality and training their spirit of seeking truth. Thus, the school’s development strategy, using school culture and curriculum education to build a modern high school of lively academic culture, has been established.

The school song of High School Attached to Zhejiang University:

"High School Attached to Zhejiang University, Our Alma Mater"


Education is not just for the college entrance examination, but helping students achieve success in it through sustained effort is one of the educational objectives of the school. It is devoted to advancing the curriculum reform, designing a unique school-based curriculum system to broaden students’ cultural visions and putting into practice step by step the course selection process based on an entire combination of compulsory and selective courses. In February 2014, the school made Senior English for China the first compulsory course for selection and provided more suitable and personalised teaching for students with different learning abilities, greatly improving the quality of teaching and learning. Ahead of other high schools in the province, this adjustment is an important act to the development of students’ learning competence. It’s not only well accepted by students and their parents but well recognized by the higher education authorities and the public media, such as Zhejiang Education and Qianjiang Evening News. The school will steadily keep up the curriculum reform and entirely accomplish establishing the course selection system among the compulsory and selective courses so as to reach the goal that every student has the opportunity to develop his own personality by taking courses selected by himself. Every semester students can freely choose to take classes for their own interest from over 80 courses, among which Spanish, How to Make a Life Plan and Chinese Tea Art are quite popular with them. While creating the “West Lake Culture” course series, the school set up 10 curriculum resource centers, including Xiling Seal Society, China Tea Museum, Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum, etc. By encouraging students to learn through research and practice through project management, it offers them an overall student-centered curriculum education.[1]


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