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Hiroshi Fujii

Hiroshi Fujii (藤井 啓史) is the chief engineer and platform manager for the research and development department of Mitsubishi Motors. As the head of a 100-strong team responsible for the continued development of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, he has become known as Dr Evo.[1][2][3]

Mitsubishi acknowledged Fujii's contributions at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show, when they distributed a comic book featuring a concept car dubbed "Goku Shin Ka" (三菱, Gōku Shin Ka) ("The Ultimate Evolution"). Developed by a character named Dr. Evo as the "perfect Los Angeles-area vehicle", it was a combination of sports car, convertible, pickup truck, and sports utility vehicle.[4] Despite the references to Fujii, the comic book and concept car were both created by staff at Mitsubishi Motors North America's Californian design studio.[5]


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