House of Ingelger -

House of Ingelger

The House of Ingelger (French: Ingelgeriens), also known as The Ingelgerians, was the first dynasty in Anjou. It was founded by Ingelger (died 886), Viscount of Angers, whose son Fulk the Red made himself count of Anjou. By inheritance, the family came into the possession of the county of Vendôme.

The family died out in the male line in 1060 with Geoffrey II of Anjou. He was succeeded in Anjou by his sororal nephew, Geoffrey the Bearded, son of the Count of Gâtinais.[1]



Agnatic descent

Cognatic descent

Angevin kings of England

Family tree

forestier en Anjou
m Pétronille
Geoffroi I
count of Gâtinais
NeRenaud II
Bishop of Angers
Bishop of Tours
(† 890)
vicomte d'Angers
Adelais of Amboise
Fulk le Roux
(† 942)
count of Anjou
Roscille de Loches
(† 927)
Fulk II le Bon
(† 960)
count of Anjou
(† 973)
Bishop of Soissons
(† 994)
Bishop of le Puy
Adelaide-Blanche of Anjou
queen of Aquitaine
married 5 times
m Walter I
count of the Vexin
Adele of MeauxGeoffrey Greymantle
(† 987)
count of Anjou
Adelaise de Châlons
vivant 974
Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou
m Conan I of Rennes
duke of Britanny
Élisabeth de VendômeFulk III the Black
(† 1040)
count of Anjou
(† 1046)
Hugues du Perche
m Beatrice de Macon
AdeleGeoffrey II Martel
(† 1060)
count of Anjou
Ermengarde of Anjou
(† 1076)
Geoffrey II, Count of Gâtinais
m Josselin I
Lord of Courtenay
Geoffrey III
(† 1096)
count of Anjou and Gâtinais
Hildegarde de BeaugencyErmengarde de BourbonFulk IV le Réchin
(† 1109)
count of Anjou
Bertrade de Montfort
Ermengarde of Anjou
m William IX, Duke of Aquitaine
m Alan IV, Duke of Brittany
Geoffrey IV Martel
count of Anjou
(† 1106)
Ermengarde of Maine
countess of Maine
(† 1126)
Fulk V
count of Anjou
king of Jerusalem
(† 1144)
Melisende of Jerusalem
(† 1161)
Geoffrey V Plantagenêt
(† 1151)
m Matilda of England
Elias II, Count of Maine
(† 1119)
m William Adelin
(† 1119)
m William Clito
m Thierry of Alsace
Baldwin III of Jerusalem
king of Jerusalem
(† 1163)
Amalric of Jerusalem
king of Jerusalem
(† 1174)
Henry II of England
king of England
(† 1189)
Geoffrey VI
count of Anjou
(† 1158)
(† 1158)
queen of Jerusalem
(† 1191)
m Guy de Lusignan
Baudouin IV
le Lépreux

king of Jerusalem
(† 1185)
(† 1206)
queen of Jerusalem
4 marriages
House of Plantagenetother descendants


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