Hubin Campus, Zhejiang University -

Hubin Campus, Zhejiang University

Hubin Campus (Traditional Chinese: 湖濱校區, Simplified Chinese: 湖滨校区), was a defunct urban campus of the Zhejiang University.


The campus was just aside the West Lake. Hu (湖) means lake in Chinese, and stands for the West Lake; bin (濱/滨) means bank or shore; so it's a lakeside campus. The campus was previous Zhejiang Medical University before 1998. 1998, the Zhejiang Medical University was merged into the Zhejiang University, and then became its medical school. Its main teaching building once was one of the tallest buildings in the Hangzhou City, and was regarded as one of the landmarks around the West Lake. The campus was just in the central downtown of Hangzhou, and was just along its most famous shopping street – the Yan'an Road (延安路).

The campus also owned clinic departments and a hospital of 2960 beds. It was one of the centers for the medical training and research in Zhejiang Province. It had one State Key Laboratory, directed directly by the Ministry of Health, PRC; one State Key Laboratory directed by the State Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau, PRC; and three Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratories. It had a library of half million collection, specialized on medical and pharmaceutical sciences.[1]

According to the Hangzhou civic plan, the campus was sold to the Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts (Robert Kuok, 郭鶴年/郭鹤年) at a price of 2.46 billion Chinese Yuan. The teaching buildings were torn down by explosions. The land of the campus was planned to build a luxurious hotel.[2]


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