Hugh X of Lusignan

Hugh X
Seal of Hugh X of Lusignan, showing him in hunting costume holding a small hunting dog behind the croup of his saddle, following the usual imagery in the seals of his family[1]
Count of La Marche
Reign5 November 1219 – 5 June 1249
PredecessorHugh IX
SuccessorHugh XI
Bornc. 1183
Died1249 (aged 65–66)/1249 (aged 53–54)
SpouseIsabel of Angoulême
IssueHugh XI of Lusignan
Aymer de Lusignan
Agathe de Lusignan
Alice de Lusignan, Countess of Surrey
Guy de Lusignan
Geoffroi de Lusignan
William de Valence, 1st Earl of Pembroke
Marguerite de Lusignan
Isabella of Lusignan
HouseHouse of Lusignan
FatherHugh IX of Lusignan
Mother[ Agathe de Preuilly]

Hugh X de Lusignan, Hugh V of La Marche or Hugh I of Angoulême (c. 1183 – c. 5 June 1249, Angoulême) succeeded his father Hugh IX as Seigneur de Lusignan and Count of La Marche in November 1219 and was Count of Angoulême by marriage.

His father, Hugh IX de Lusignan was betrothed to marry 12-year-old Isabel of Angoulême in 1200,[2] when King John of England took her for his Queen, an action which resulted in the entire de Lusignan family rebelling against the English king.[3] Following John's death, Queen Isabella returned to her native France, where she married Hugh X de Lusignan on 10 May 1220 [4]

By Hugh's marriage to Isabella, he became Count of Angoulême until her death in 1246. Together they founded the abbey of Valence. They had nine children:

Hugh X was succeeded by his eldest son, Hugh XI of Lusignan.

According to explanations in the manuscripts of Gaucelm Faidit's poems, this troubadour was a rival of Hugh X of Lusignan for the love of Marguerite d'Aubusson.

He was buried in Angoulême.


  1. ^ Prestwich states he fled after the Battle of Lewes[5]


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Preceded by
Hugh IX
Count of La Marche
Succeeded by
Hugh XI
Preceded by
Aymer Taillefer
Count of Angoulême
With: Isabel of Angoulême

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