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Hunan Billows
Húnán Xiāngtāo
Full nameHunan Billows Football Club
Founded26 December 2006; 13 years ago
GroundYiyang Stadium,[1] China
ChairmanLi Jingman
ManagerTang Jing
LeagueChina League Two
2019League Two, 28th

Hunan Billows Football Club (simplified Chinese: 湖南湘涛; traditional Chinese: 湖南湘濤; pinyin: Húnán Xiāngtāo) is a professional Chinese football club that participates in the China League Two division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Yiyang, Hunan and their home stadium is the 30,000-seat Yiyang Stadium. Their majority shareholders are the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau and high-tech industry company Hunan Corun New Energy Co. Ltd.

The club was founded on December 26, 2006, and won the 2009 Chinese League Two title and promotion to the Chinese League One division, but was relegated back after the 2016 season.




To preserve the representation of Hunan province in the Chinese football league pyramid after the dissolution of Hunan Shoking, the local Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau decided that it would be best to invest in a new team for the area.[2] On December 26, 2006, a new team was formed to participate in the 2007 league season called Hunan Billows F.C. with Xiong Ni returning as their chairman and Li Kejia returning as their manager.[3] Now playing within the 6,000-seat Hunan Provincial People's Stadium. The team was completely rebuilt and played their first league game against Sichuan FC in a 1–0 defeat.[4] Throughout the season the club's results improved and the team finished third in the Southern division. They made the play-offs but were knocked out in the second round.[5] With a further investment of six million Yuan from the local Hunan government sports body, in the following season results the club gained another play-off position. Again they were knocked out in the second round.[6] By the 2009 league season and with the continued investment of the local Hunan government sports body and of the management of Men Wenfeng, the club won the division title after they beat local rivals Hubei Greenery in the playoff final to win the division title.[7] In the second tier again, they moved back into the Helong Stadium and hired Zhao Faqing as their new manager at the beginning of the 2010 league season. The season began well for the club and they looked like genuine promotion contenders. Conflicts between the Hunan and the Hubei Greenery fans during their May 14 game seemed to derail their promotion push. They finished the season in sixth.[8] The next season they moved into the 20,000-seat Central South University Stadium and brought in Miloš Hrstić to manage them. Miloš Hrstić's leadership improved the team's ranking at the end of the 2011 league season slightly – they finished fourth. He left the club at the end of the season and was replaced by his assistant coach Zhang Xu.[9] In preparation for the 2012 league season the club brought in several high profile players such as Honduras internationals Emil Martínez and Erick Norales and Chinese international Dong Fangzhuo in their hopes to win promotion.[10] The recruitment for not result in promotion that season, but it brought an increase in investment in from the Hunan Liuyang River Wine Winery Industry Co., Ltd., Zoomlion Company Limited, Central South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd., Kelme and the return of Hunan Corun New Energy co. ltd.[11]

Hunan declined in the mid 2010s and were relegated back to League Two in 2016.


The team have played in several stadiums throughout their history. When they were formed they predominantly used the 55,000-seat Helong Stadium in Changsha for their important matches. The more modest 6,000-seat Hunan Provincial People's Stadium which is also located in Changsha was used for their smaller games.[12] With the club in financial difficulties the cost of renting the Helong Stadium led the team to move permanently into the Hunan Provincial People's Stadium. They started there when the club was reformed and they were playing in the third tier. When they won promotion back into the second tier, the Helong Stadium was an option for a brief period before 2011 when they have predominantly used the 20,000-seat Central South University Stadium in Changsha as their main stadium.[13]

Current squad

As of 12 July 2019[14]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 GK Deng Zihao
2 DF Zhong Zhenlong
3 DF Zhou Tanwei
5 DF Wu Haitian
6 MF Kong Tao
7 MF Wang Yuxuan
8 FW Tan Si
9 MF Wang Quan
11 MF He Yaqi
12 DF Yu Tianzhu
13 FW Wang Chen
14 DF Yao Xilong
16 DF Xiong Tao
17 FW Liu Peilin
18 MF Chen Shuo
19 MF Du Shaobin
No. Position Player
20 MF Wang Qing
23 DF Liu Qing
25 DF Zheng Cong
26 GK Li Luning
27 MF Yuan Lu
29 DF Gao Yufei
32 FW Xu Jiang
33 GK Zeng Zhixiong
34 MF Huang Jue
35 GK Peng Kun
36 MF Fu Chencheng
37 MF Luo Yun
38 DF Xie Peilin
39 MF Zeng Pinghao
40 MF Li Jianhui

Reserve squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
21 MF Yang Yufan
30 DF He Ping

Coaching staff

Position Staff
Head coach Tang Jing
Assistant coach Li Hongwu
Goalkeeping Coach Yang Guidong
Fitness coach Huang Cheng
Team Physician Ren Peilin
Yang Junchao


Managerial history


All-time league rankings

Year Div Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Pos. FA Cup Super Cup AFC Att./G Stadium
2007 3 14 5 4 5 15 16 −1 16 1 8[17] NH DNQ DNQ Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
2008 3 16 10 1 5 23 14 19 28 1 6[18] NH DNQ DNQ Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
2009 3 17 6 9 2 30 17 13 15 1 W NH DNQ DNQ Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
2010 2 24 10 5 9 21 24 −3 35 6 NH DNQ DNQ Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
2011 2 26 12 6 8 39 35 4 42 4 R1 DNQ DNQ Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
CSUFT East-Garden Stadium
2012 2 30 10 8 12 33 37 −4 38 11 R3 DNQ DNQ 6,970 CSUFT East-Garden Stadium
Hunan Provincial People's Stadium
Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
2013 2 30 7 9 14 27 40 −13 30 12 R3 DNQ DNQ 4,668 Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
Helong Stadium
2014 2 30 12 9 9 38 33 5 45 6 R3 DNQ DNQ 5,169 CSUFT East-Garden Stadium
Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
2015 2 30 8 5 17 32 48 −16 29 14 R2 DNQ DNQ 4,795 Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
Helong Stadium
2016 2 30 2 6 22 16 61 −54 12 16 R2 DNQ DNQ 3,781 Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
2017 3 24 9 4 11 31 33 −2 31 16 R1 DNQ DNQ 712 Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
2018 3 28 10 10 8 43 32 11 40 10 R3 DNQ DNQ 398 Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium
2019 3 30 5 5 20 17 59 −42 20 1 28 R2 DNQ DNQ Yiyang Olympic Sports Park Stadium


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