Ian Morris (musician)

Ian Morris
Birth nameIan Gordon Morris
Also known asTex Pistol
Born22 January 1957
Died7 October 2010 (aged 53)
Napier, New Zealand
GenresPop, rock
Occupation(s)musician, record producer, recording engineer, songwriter
Associated actsTh' Dudes, DD Smash, Tex Pistol, Dave Dobbyn, Peter Urlich, Rikki Morris

Ian Gordon Morris (22 January 1957 – 7 October 2010) was a musician, record producer, recording engineer and songwriter from New Zealand.


Musical career

Ian Morris and his brother Richard (who would also go on to become a successful singer, songwriter and sound engineer in New Zealand under the name Rikki Morris) were born in England but emigrated with their family to New Zealand in 1966.[1][2]

Ian was a founding member of iconic New Zealand band Th' Dudes, formed at Sacred Heart College in Auckland in 1975. He also had chart hits as a solo artist under the name Tex Pistol (a name he took on as "Ian Morris [didn't] sound poppy enough"[3] ), and in collaboration with his brother Rikki as Tex Pistol and Rikki Morris. As recording engineer and record producer, his production credits include a number of successful Kiwi artists: Hello Sailor, DD Smash, The Screaming Meemees, The Warratahs, When the Cat's Away, Greg Johnson, Dave Dobbyn, and Southside of Bombay to name a few. Morris also wrote numerous jingles, arrangements, and orchestrations.


As solo artist


Year Title Details Peak chart
1988 Nobody Else
  • Released as Tex Pistol
  • Label: Pagan Records
  • Catalogue: PAL 1039
2020 a and b the c of d
  • Released posthumously as Ian Morris
  • Label: -
  • Catalogue: -


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
1983 "Boot Up (x=y)" as Jag Moritz Non-album single
1986 "The Ballad of Buckskin Bob" as Tex Pistol Nobody Else
1987 "Game of Love" as Tex Pistol 1
1988 "Nobody Else" as Tex Pistol and Rikki Morris 1
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

With Th' Dudes

As producer

Selected discography[5]
Band Album/Single Producer Engineer
Th' Dudes Right First Time Yes
Hello Sailor Hello Sailor Yes
Hello Sailor Pacifica Amour Yes
Th' Dudes Where Are The Boys? Yes Yes
DD Smash Cool Bananas Yes
Screaming Meemees If This Is Paradise I'll Take The Bag Yes
The Gurlz The Gurlz mini-album Yes
Naked Spots Dance New mini-album Yes Yes
The Hulamen Start A Fashion mini-album Yes Yes
Jag Moritz Boot Up Yes Yes
Circus Block 4 in Stone in Steel Yes Yes
Shadow Fax Life Underground Yes Yes
Tex Pistol "Game of Love" Yes Yes
Tex Pistol & Rikki Morris "Nobody Else" Yes Yes
Rikki Morris "Heartbroke Again" Yes Yes
The Warratahs Big Sky Yes
The Warratahs Wild Card Yes
Southside of Bombay "What's The Time Mr Wolf?" Yes
Barry Saunders Long Shadows Yes
Greg Johnson Sea Breeze Motel Yes
Dave Dobbyn Hopetown Yes
When The Cat's Away Asian Paradise Yes Yes
Papa-Pa My Black Jersey Yes Yes

Other contributions



RIANZ New Zealand Music Awards
Year Award[6] Details Result
1978 Engineer of the Year Hello Sailor, Hello Sailor Won
1979 Single of the Year 'Be Mine Tonight', Th' Dudes Won
Top Group Th' Dudes Won
1982 Producer of the Year Cool Bananas (DD Smash) Won
1986 Most Promising Male Vocalist "The Ballad of Buckskin Bob" as Tex Pistol Won
Best Engineer Ballad of Buskin Bob, Tex Pistol Nominated
1987 Engineer of the Year "Game of Love", Tex Pistol Won
Best Producer "Game of Love", Tex Pistol Nominated
1988 Single of the Year "Nobody Else", Tex Pistol / Rikki Morris Nominated
Best Producer "Nobody Else", Tex Pistol / Rikki Morris Nominated
1990 Producer of the Year "Heartbroke", Rikki Morris Won
Best Engineer Heartbroke, Rikki Morris Nominated


In 2001, members of APRA were invited to vote on their favourite New Zealand songs of all time. Of the final 100, 2 Morris-related songs appeared on the list.

Personal life

Morris was married to singer Kim Willoughby of New Zealand's most successful all-female group When the Cat's Away, with whom he had two daughters, Julia and Maude, and a stepson, James.[7]


Morris died at Te Pania Hotel in Napier on 7 October 2010. Police noted that there were no suspicious circumstances to his death.[8]

Morris was posthumously inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.[9]

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