Imago Universi

Imago universi in Latin means "image of the universe".

In the Middle Ages the expression was used to express the representation and size of the known world at that time.[citation needed]

Cartographer Andreas Cellarius described his star atlas Harmonia Macrocosmica, published 1660, as "Imago universi secundum Ptolaeum" (English: "Picture of the Universe according to Ptolemy").[citation needed]

"Imago universi : una historia de la concepción humana del cosmos" is the title of two volumes in Spanish on cosmology.[1]


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1. Einstein, Albert: The Origins of the General Theory of Relativity, lecture given at the George A. Foundation Gibson, University of Glasgow, 20 June 1933. Published by Jackson, Wylie and co, Glasgow, 1933.


  1. ^ Barceló, Gabriel (2013). Imago universi : una historia de la concepción humana del cosmos. ISBN 9788415798019.

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