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Jan Ješek Ptáček of Pirkštein

Jan Ješek Ptáček of Pirkštein
Lord of Lord of Polná
Lord of Sloup v Čechách
Lord of Rataje nad Sázavou
Portrait of Jan from Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Coat of arms
SuccessorJan Ptáček of Pirkstein
Bornc. 1338
Diedc. 1400
Spouse(s)Hedvika of Dauba
FatherČeněk of Ojvina
MotherJutte of Vildenberka

Jan Ješek Ptáček of Pirkštein (also: Pirkštejn, Pirkenstein,[1] Birkenstein,[2] Pürkstein[2] or Bürgstein[3][4]) (c. 1338[5] – c. 1400[6]) was a Moravian noble and lord of Sloup v Čechách, Polná, and Rataje nad Sázavou.


Jan Ješek inherited the castles at Sloup v Čechách and Polná.[7] He later acquired the town of Rataje nad Sázavou and it's two castles, renaming the lower castle Pirkštejn.[6] It was around this time where Jan Ješek started using the name Ptáček, or "Birdie", which was continually used in his lineage.[7]

Jan Ješek was around 50 years old when his son, Jan Ptáček of Pirkstein, was born. Soon after, he returned to Polná and retired from political life.[7] He died around the end of the 14th century.[6]

In popular culture

Jan is mentioned in the video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance as Ser Jeschke, father of Hans Capon.[8]


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