John, Duke of Touraine -

John, Duke of Touraine

Duke of Touraine
Dauphin of France
Dauphin of France
Reign8 December 1415 – 5 April 1417
PredecessorLouis, Duke of Guyenne
SuccessorCharles, Count of Ponthieu
Born31 August 1398
Died5 April 1417 (aged 18)
Saint-Corneille Abbey
FatherCharles VI of France
MotherIsabeau of Bavaria

John, Dauphin of France and Duke of Touraine (31 August 1398 – 5 April 1417) was the fourth son and ninth child of Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. He was born in Paris.[citation needed] After his three elder brothers died, he became Dauphin in 1415. In 1406 he married Jacqueline, heiress of the County of Hainaut, Holland, Zealand, and Frisia. After his marriage to Jacqueline, he was brought up at the castle of Le Quesnoy in Hainaut, at the court of his mother-in-law, Margaret of Burgundy. This arrangement was made between his father and his father-in-law to ensure his safety away from the tulmultous court in Paris, as well as to acquaint him with the lands which he would rule as husband of Jacqueline after her father's death.[1] After the death of his elder brother Louis in December 1415, he became the next Dauphin of France.

He died on 5 April 1417 at the age of eighteen. What exactly caused his death is disputed. According to some, he died of the consequences of an abscess to the head, while other sources suggest he had been poisoned.[2] He was buried in Compiègne's Saint-Corneille abbey. His younger brother Charles became dauphin and eventually king.



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John, Duke of Touraine
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: 31 August 1398 Died: 5 April 1417
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Louis I
Dauphin of Viennois
8 December 1415 – 5 April 1417
Succeeded by
Charles the Victorious
Royal domain
Title last held by
Louis II
Duke of Touraine
1407 – 5 April 1417
Royal domain
Title last held by
Edward III
Count of Ponthieu
1410 – 5 April 1417
Preceded by
John I
Duke of Berry
Count of Poitou

1416 – 5 April 1417

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