John II, Count of Nevers

John II
Count of Nevers
John II, Count of Nevers
Bornbefore 20 October 1415[1]
Clamecy, Nievre
Died25 September 1491 (aged 75)
Noble familyValois-Burgundy-Nevers
Spouse(s)Jacqueline d'Ailly
Pauline de Brosse
Marie d'Albret
FatherPhilip II, Count of Nevers
MotherBonne of Artois

John II, Count of Nevers (known as Jean de Clamecy, prior to acquiring title of "Count of Nevers"; 1415–1491) was a French noble.



John was the son of Philip II, Count of Nevers by his wife, Bonne of Artois,[2] daughter of Philip of Artois, Count of Eu. John's elder brother, Charles I, Count of Nevers and Rethel, had no legitimate children, and so on his death in 1464 his titles passed to John. In 1472, his uncle Charles of Artois, Count of Eu, died, and having no legitimate children, his title also passed to John.

John fought in the army of his stepfather Philip the Good and was active in Picardy (1434), Calais (1436), Luxembourg (1443), and Flanders (1453). But he clashed with Philip's successor, Charles the Bold, and he defected to King Louis XI of France.

He fought alongside Louis XI in the War of the Public Weal and became Lieutenant General of Normandy.


John was first married on 24 November 1435 in Amiens, to Jacqueline d'Ailly, Dame d'Engelmuenster (died 1470),[3] they had two children:

Upon Jacqueline's death in 1470 he married secondly on 30 August 1471, in Château de Boussac [fr], to Pauline de Brosse (c. 1450-1479),[3] daughter of Jean II de Brosse. They had one child:

John's final marriage was on 11 March 1480, in the château de Châlus-Chabrol (Limousin), to Marie d'Albret (c. 1454-1521).[3][a]



  1. ^ According to de Mandrot, John married Françoise d'Albret[4]


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John II, Count of Nevers
Cadet branch of the House of Valois
Born: 1415 Died: 1491
Preceded by
Richard de Dreux
Count of Etampes
Succeeded by
Francis II
as Duke of Brittany
Preceded by
Charles I
Count of Rethel
Succeeded by
Count of Nevers
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Charles of Artois
Count of Eu

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