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Joseph Pulley

Sir Joseph Pulley, 1st Baronet, DL (8 September 1822 – 5 August 1901) was an English Liberal politician.

Pulley was the son of Joseph Pulley of Bayswater and his wife Fanny Oldaker. He was a J. P. and Deputy Lieutenant for Herefordshire.[1]

Pulley stood unsuccessfully for parliament at Hereford in 1874 and 1878 and was elected Member of Parliament for the constituency in 1880. He held the seat until 1886.[2]

Pulley was created baronet of Lower Eaton, Hereford in 1893. He died at the age of 78 without issue and the baronetcy became extinct.[3]

He married Mary Jane Burgess in 1860, but they had no children.[4] Pulley's sister Letitia married Thomas A. Oldaker, an estate agent, and in 1902 their daughter Emma Maud Oldaker married Captain William Davies, with many descendants.[5][4]


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