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Jun Chen (astronomer)

Minor planets discovered: 10 [1]
(15807) 1994 GV9 April 15, 1994 MPC [A]
(15820) 1994 TB October 2, 1994 MPC [A]
(15874) 1996 TL66 October 9, 1996 MPC [A][B][C]
(15883) 1997 CR29 February 3, 1997 MPC [A][B]
(20108) 1995 QZ9 August 29, 1995 MPC [A]
(20161) 1996 TR66 October 8, 1996 MPC [A][B][C]
(32929) 1995 QY9 August 31, 1995 MPC [A]
(33001) 1997 CU29 February 6, 1997 MPC [A][B][C]
79360 Sila–Nunam February 3, 1997 MPC [A][B][C]
(118228) 1996 TQ66 October 8, 1996 MPC [A][B][C]
A with David C. Jewitt
B with Chad Trujillo
C with Jane Luu

Jun Chen is a Chinese American astronomer and discoverer of minor planets.

She obtained her BS at Beijing University in 1990, and obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii in 1997.[2] Working together with David Jewitt and Jane Luu and other astronomers, she has co-discovered a number of Kuiper belt objects.[3] The Minor Planet Center credits her with the co-discovery of 10 minor planets during 1994–1997.[1]

She is currently working as a software developer in private industry.[2]

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