Kiz Kulesi, Rize

Kiz Kulesi
General information
Town or cityPazar, Rize Province
Completed13th-14th century

Kiz Kulesi is a medieval castle located on small islet, 1 km west of the center of Pazar, Rize Province, Turkey. According to A. Bryer it was built between 13th to 14th centuries, during the time of the Trebizond Empire.[1] According to another sources castle was built by Genoese, as a summer residence for the daughter of a Genoese prince.

Local Laz tradition claims that the castle belonged to Queen Tamar of Georgia[2], who founded the Empire of Trebizond on the Black Sea coast in 1204 after the Georgian expedition to Chaldia.


The interior plan of the tower is about 7 x 7 m. The walls are about 1.5 m thick at ground level. They are faced both in the interior and exterior with regular courses of rectangular blocks. The gateway is in the west wall.


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