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Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory

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Kuma Kogen Observatory
Observatory code 360 
LocationKumakōgen, Ehime Prefecture
Unnamed60cm reflecting telescope

The Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory (Obs. code: 360) is located at Kumakōgen in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

The observatory is in the Furusato Country Open Air Museum that incorporates the Seiten Castle (sei ten means "fine weather" and can also mean "star sky".)



The observatory has a 60 cm aperture optical telescope.

Members of the public can book to observe at night, weather permitting.


A 40-seat planetarium is attached to the facility. Thirty-minute shows are conducted during the day.


The observatory's best known staff member is the prolific discoverer of asteroids, Akimasa Nakamura. On November 2nd, 2014, a member of the staff was accused of sexually assaulting another staff member at an employee gathering.[1][2]


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