Lambda Eridani variable

A Lambda Eridani Variable is a class of Be stars that show small amplitude variations of a few hundredths of a magnitude. The variations are highly regular with periods between 0.5 and 2.0 days, and they were initially described as periodic Be stars.[1] Lambda Eridani is an example and the prototype. This has been ascribed to non-radial pulsations, inhomogeneous rotating discs, or the rotation of the star itself.[2][3]

These stars are rarely classified, or are classified incorrectly. The General Catalogue of Variable Stars does not have a type for λ Eridani variables, only GCAS for Gamma Cassiopeiae variables and BE for non-GCAS Be star variables. λ Eridani itself is incorrectly listed as a Beta Cephei variable.[4] The AAVSO International Variable Star Index defines a LERI type of variability, with 16 stars included as λ Eri variables, five of them only suspected, and 13 combined with other types of variation.[5]


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