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Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Leinster Intermediate Club
Football Championship
IrishAn Chraobh Chomórtas Peile Eadar-Club Idir-Mheánach
Title holdersMattock Rangers (Louth) (1st title)

The Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship is an annual Gaelic football tournament played between the Intermediate football champions of the 12 counties of Leinster. The winners will represent the province in the semi-final of the All-Ireland Intermediate Club Football Championship.


Top winners

Team County Wins Years won
Mattock Rangers Louth 1 2019
Two Mile House Kildare 1 2018
Kilanerin–Ballyfad Wexford 1 2017
St. Colmcille's Meath 1 2016
Ratoath Meath 1 2015
Seán O'Mahonys Louth 1 2014
Geraldines Louth 1 2013
Monasterevin Kildare 1 2012
Éire Óg Greystones Wicklow 1 2011
Ballymore Eustace Kildare 1 2010
Maynooth Kildare 1 2009
Ballyroan Abbey Laois 1 2008
Fingal Ravens Dublin 1 2007
Confey Kildare 1 2006
Crettyard Laois 1 2005
Wolfe Tones Meath 1 2004
Dundalk Gaels Louth 1 2003

Winners by County

County Clubs (Years Won)
5 Kildare Two Mile House (2018) Monasterevin (2012), Ballymore Eustace (2010), Maynooth (2009), Confey (2006), .
4 Louth Mattock Rangers (2019), Seán O'Mahonys (2014), Geraldines (2013), Dundalk Gaels (2003)
3 Meath St. Colmcille's (2016), Ratoath (2015), Wolfe Tones (2004).
2 Laois Ballyroan Abbey (2008), Crettyard (2005).
1 Wexford Kilanerin–Ballyfad (2017)
Wicklow Eire Og Greystones (2011)
Dublin Fingal Ravens (2007)

Roll of honour

Year Winner County Score Opponent County Score
2020[1] No competition due to COVID-19 pandemic
2019[2] Mattock Rangers Louth 1-14 Mullinavat Kilkenny 0-11
2018 Two Mile House Kildare 1-08 Shamrocks Offaly 0-10
2017 [3] Kilanerin–Ballyfad Wexford 0-13 Ballyboughal Dublin 0-11
2016 [4] St. Colmcille' s Meath 0-13 Rosemount Westmeath 1-08
2015[5] Ratoath Meath 2-13 Athlone Westmeath 2-09
2014[6] Sean O'Mahony's Louth 0-10 Ballinlough Meath 1-04
2013[7][8] Geraldines Louth 2-09, 0-13 (R) St. Olaf's Dublin 1-12, 0-09 (R)
2012[9] Monasterevin Kildare 0-04 O'Connell's Louth 0-03
2011[10] Éire Óg Greystones Wicklow 0-08 Confey Kildare 0-06
2010 Ballymore Eustace Kildare 0-12 Nobber Meath 0-10
2009 Maynooth Kildare 1-08 Tubberclair Westmeath 0-08
2008 Ballyroan Abbey Laois 2-08 St Ultans Meath 0-08
2007 Fingal Ravens Dublin 1-09 Donaghmore-Ashbourne Meath 0-09
2006 Confey Kildare 3-07 Tubber Offaly 1-08
2005 Crettyard Laois 0-13 Rathcline Longford 1-08
2004 Wolfe Tones Meath 1-10 Naas Kildare 0-08
2003 Dundalk Gaels Louth 2-05 Arles/Killeen Laois 0-07

2010 Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Timahoe (Laois)0-11  
Carrickedmond (Longford)1-5     Timahoe (Laois)0-12  
       Annacurra (Wicklow)0-7  
         Timahoe (Laois)0-7  
Ballymore Eustace (Kildare)3-9       Ballymore Eustace (Kildare)0-14  
Dundalk Young Irelands (Louth)1-7     Ballymore Eustace (Kildare)2-10  
       Cuala (Dublin)0-5  
         Ballymore Eustace (Kildare)0-12
* St Mary's Rosslare (Wexford)2-5       Nobber (Meath)0-10
Naomh Eoin (Carlow)2-7     Naomh Eoin (Carlow)0-10  
       Muckalee (Kilkenny)0-8  
         Naomh Eoin (Carlow)1-7  
Bunbrosna (Westmeath)1-13       Nobber (Meath)0-11  
St. Rynaghs (Offaly)1-6     Bunbrosna (Westmeath)1-11     
       Nobber (Meath)2-10     

2011 Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
O'Raghallaighs (Louth)0-14  
Moynalvey (Meath)0-8     Ó Raghallaighs (Louth)0-7  
       Éire Óg Greystones (Wicklow)1-6  
         Éire Óg Greystones (Wicklow)2-11  
St Brigids (Offaly)1-10       St Brigids (Offaly)0-12  
Killeshin (Laois)0-9     St Brigids (Offaly)1-10  
       St. Martin's (Wexford)0-7  
         Éire Óg Greystones (Wicklow)0-8
St Andrews (Carlow)1-7       Confey (Kildare)0-6
Muckalee (Kilkenny)1-13     Muckalee (Kilkenny)0-7  
       Skerries Harps (Dublin)1-8  
         Skerries Harps (Dublin)0-9  
Coralstown/Kinnegad (Westmeath)0-18       Confey (Kildare)2-8  
St Brigids (Longford)0-5     Coralstown/Kinnegad (Westmeath)1-13     
       Confey (Kildare)3-8     

2015 Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Glynn-Barntown (Wexford)2-15  
Kilkerley Emmets (Louth)0-12     Glynn-Barntown (Wexford)1-10  
       Rathcline (Longford)0-12  
         Glynn-Barntown (Wexford)0-6  
Ballymanus (Wicklow)0-8       Athlone (Westmeath)1-6  
Athlone (Westmeath)3-12     Athlone (Westmeath)1-12  
       O'Hanrahans (Carlow)0-4  
         Athlone (Westmeath)2-9
Ratoath (Meath)2-12       Ratoath (Meath)2-13
St. Patrick's Donabate (Dublin)0-11     Ratoath (Meath)2-19  
       Railyard (Kilkenny)0-6  
         Ratoath (Meath)3-13  
Castledermot (Kildare)0-8       Castledermot (Kildare)1-6  
Clonaslee-St. Manmans (Laois)0-5     Castledermot (Kildare)2-15 (AET)     
       Ballycumber (Offaly)1-15 (AET)     

2016 Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
St. Brigid's Killashee (Longford)1-11  
O'Dempseys (Laois)2-16     O'Dempseys (Laois)0-9  
       Round Towers (Kildare)0-11  
         Round Towers (Kildare)1-7  
Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney (Wicklow)2-11       St. Colmcille's (Meath)1-9  
Taghmon/Camross (Wexford)1-11     Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney (Wicklow)2-10  
       St. Colmcille's (Meath)1-16  
         St. Colmcille's (Meath)0-13
St. Joseph's (Louth)1-11       Rosemount (Westmeath)1-9
St. Andrew's (Carlow)0-13     St. Joseph's (Louth)3-6  
       Fingallians (Dublin)2-15  
         Fingallians (Dublin)1-11 (A.E.T.)  
Railyard (Kilkenny)0-4       Rosemount (Westmeath)1-13 (A.E.T.)  
Cappincur (Offaly)1-16     Cappincur (Offaly)0-8     
       Rosemount (Westmeath)2-10     

2017 Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship[11]

Preliminary Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Rathcline (Longford)0-6  
Kilanerin (Wexford)1-12     Kilanerin (Wexford)0-10  
       Raheens (Kildare)0-8  
         Kilanerin (Wexford)0-13  
Durrow (Offaly)2-17       St. Mary's (Westmeath)2-4  
Mullinavat (Kilkenny)3-5     Durrow (Offaly)1-7  
       St. Mary's (Westmeath)1-13  
         Kilanerin (Wexford)0-13
O'Connells GFC (Louth)2-10       Ballyboughal (Dublin)0-11
Kilbride (Carlow)1-8     O'Connells GFC (Louth)0-12  
       Curraha (Meath)2-7  
         Curraha (Meath)0-15  
Hollywood (Wicklow)1-13       Ballyboughal (Dublin)3-7  
Emo (Laois)3-9     Emo (Laois)2-17,

0-13 (R)

       Ballyboughal (Dublin)3-14,

1-12 (R)


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