Libadarios (Greek Λιβαδάριος)—feminine Libadaria[a] (Λιβαδαρέα), plural Libadarioi (Λιβαδάριοι)[b]—was the surname of a Byzantine family of the 13th century.[1]

The Libadarioi were a new family that first came to prominence in the Empire of Nicaea (1204–1261). They were considered one of the leading aristocratic families of the empire by George Pachymeres, and one of just five such new families.[2] They held high civil and military office under the Palaiologoi. They may have been related to the Demetrios Libadas who held office (probably under the megas logariastes) in 1186. The first recorded Libadarios was a relative of the Mouzalon family. They were probably unrelated to the Limpidarios family that rose to prominence in the army and navy in the 14th century.[1]



  1. ^ Also spelled Libadarea.[1]
  2. ^ Also spelled Livadarioi.[2]


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