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Lil Zane
Birth nameZane R. Copeland Jr.
Also known as
  • LZ Stunna
  • Life I Live Zane
BornJuly 11, 1982 (age 38)
Yonkers, New York, United States
OriginAtlanta, Georgia, United States
GenresHip hop
Occupation(s)rapper, actor
Years active1992–present
LabelsWorldwide Entertainment, EMI, Priority Records (2001-2003)
Priority Records, Capitol Music Group (2003-2004)
U.S. Entertainment, Hollywood Fame Records (2008-2009)
Money Making Muzik (2010-Present)
Associated acts

Zane R. Copeland Jr. (born July 11, 1982), better known as Lil Zane, is an American rapper and comedian known for his debut album Young World: The Future, released in 2000, which featured the hit single "Callin' Me" featuring 112.[1][2][3][4]


Early life

At age 10, Zane was inspired by Another Bad Creation and Kris Kross, and he got more serious about his eventual career and started rehearsing with his cousin E.Greene. He was first recognized by his fans when he was in a group called Kronic signed to RCA Records. They were signed from 1993 to 1996. They never put out any projects. Then 1996 he went solo and started entering local Atlanta talent shows. Then in 1999 he started touring with 112 while recording his debut album.

Music career

1999–2002: Young World: The Future

In 1999, his first ever single, "Money Stretch", was included in the Next Friday soundtrack. In 2000, Lil' Zane released his debut album Young World: The Future which featured his smash single "Callin Me". The album debut at #165 on the Billboard 200 with 7,000 copies sold in the first week but then peaked in its second week at #25 with 40,000 copies sold. To date the album sold 490,000 copies.[5] The album also hit at #4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. In 2001, he made appearance on the Hardball soundtrack on the track of the same name with Bow Wow, Lil Wayne and Sammie.[6] He later stated in an interview that he was working on an album titled It Ain't Over but later decided to change the title to The Big Zane Theory.

2003: The Big Zane Theory

In 2003, Lil Zane released his second album, The Big Zane Theory With it, he formally changed his stage name from Lil’ Zane to simply Zane. Copeland explained "Zane is my real name, that’s the name that’s on my birth certificate and my mom likes that name" for changing his name in a interview. The album failed to match the success of Zane's previous album, as it charted at #191 on the Billboard 200's chart with 6,423 copies sold. It also charted at #39 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The only single that was released on the album was "Tonite I'm Yours" which peaked at #87 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. The album sold 40,000 copies in total soon afterwards Zane would leave Priority Records due to lack of financial compensation, artist support, and promotion to go on a five-year hiatus from music to focus on his acting career.[7]

2004–08: Under the Radar & Tha Return

On December 30, 2004, it was announced that Zane has formed a new record label by the name of "3 Mill Entertainment" together with MAM Group, Inc. with it he announced that he had started working on his third album, Under the Radar. The album was to feature artist like Real Young, Raz B, John B, and Bone Crusher, Akon, Drum Up (LaMar Seymour, LaNelle Seymour) also Rich Boy. The album was going to get released in Spring 2005 but then was pushed back to fall and was never released. In late 2006 Zane started to work on another new album, Tha Return. The album was released on February 26, 2008. The album failed to match the success of Zane's previous albums, as it failed to make it to any Billboard charts. The only single that was released on the album was "Like This" which also failed to chart also. The single has gotten over 150,000 views on YouTube to date and is known as Zane's comeback single.[8][9][10][11]

2010–present: My World: My Future

In 2010, he made special appearance at the 10 year anniversary of 106 & Park in Los Angeles with Ray J & Tony Marsley also known as AK. He announced he was releasing a mixtape entitled The Missing Link and a new single entitled "Put It In My Lap". March 1, 2010 Zane was featured on We Are The World: The Next Generation. The song has gotten over 2,000,000 views on YouTube alone.[12] On March 8, 2011 Zane released a promo single off his mixtape The Missing Link Volume 1 called "Must Be Nice".[13] On April 28, 2011, a rumor circulated that Zane signed to Cash Money Records. Later, the statement was proven false.[14] On June 7, 2011, Zane released a new single called "My Girl".[15] On February 2, 2012, Zane announced the title of his fourth album called My World: My Future along with a release of a single called Sippin Hennessy featuring Tupac Shakur. The song has gotten over 100,000 views on YouTube and 150,000 views on world star hip hop alone.[16][17] On May 14, 2013, Zane released a new song called "When I Get Home" featuring Young Joe which is featured on his mixtapes Champagne & Dirty Sprite and R.A.W (Raps About Women).[18] On September 18, 2013, Zane announced that the lead single off his upcoming album is called "Roof Gone".[19] As of January 1, 2016, it is known that Zane is now working with battle rapper, Levi Fresco, to help ghostwrite his upcoming single ("Don't Spill My Liquor") & album ("Life I Live").[20]

Other ventures

Acting career

Zane has been in several movies and television shows, including Cuttin' da Mustard, The Parkers, A Day in the Life, Motives, The Fighting Temptations, Dr. Dolittle 2, Girlfriends, and Finding Forrester.

Money Making Muzik (MMM)

In 2004, Zane signed a 2-year agreement with MAM Group, Inc, Inc which granted him his own record label 3 Mill Entertainment (3ME) but then changed it to U.S. Entertainment in 2006. Then in 2010, he changed it again to Money Making Muzik (MMM) after buying B1 Music Group for a significant amount of money which is yet to be disclosed. In 2010, Zane signed many talents including spotlight florida artist Soulja P & others.

Current artist
Former artist

Personal life

In 2007, Zane attended St Andrews University.

In 2010, Zane had a daughter named Nina. He also has a son from a previous relationship named Isaac, who goes by the stage name Lil' Ike.

In 2012, Zane was injured in an early morning collision, leaving 2 of his crew members including security personnel in the ICU with internal bleeding. He was leaving a charity event in Tampa where he had performed. The power steering of the vehicle failed causing it to be stalled parallel to a busy highway where it was struck by a speeding SUV.

On September 14, 2014, Zane was sent to the hospital due to kidney failure.


Young Buck

On September 20, 2011, Lil Zane said on Street Disciplez Radio, G-Unit CEO 50 Cent would have made more money by signing him over former group member Young Buck. In addition to revealing his interest in working with 50 Cent, Zane also taunted Buck's music."Yo, he's garbage, he's garbage," Zane told radio host EI8HT referring to Young Buck. "He's garbage though, I don't think he's a good rapper. He might be a good person but you know, he probably feels the same way about me. So the feeling's mutual, you know? But I don't think he's the best rapper. I think I would have made 50 Cent a little more money. I think 50 needs to sign me, man. I think it needs to be 50 & 60 Cent or something because I'm more like 60 Cent. You know what I'm saying?[21]

Game & Tyler, The Creator

In September 2011, on an interview with DJ Vlad, Game named Lil Zane one of the wackest rappers. Zane responded on a freestyle over the song "Niggas in Paris". In the freestyle he disses not only the Game but also Tyler, The Creator.


Studio albums

List of albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions
Young World: The Future 25 4
The Big Zane Theory
  • Released: August 19, 2003
  • Label: Priority, Capitol
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP
191 34
Under The Radar
  • Released: Shelved
  • Label: 3ME,Mass Management,MAM Group Inc,JLM Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP
Tha Return
  • Released: February 26, 2008
  • Label: U.S., Hollywood Fame Records
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP
Life I Live[22]
  • Released: TBA, 2017
  • Label: Money Making Muzik,New Image, MyTrell,Fontanna,Universal Music Group
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP

Note: In 2006 Lil Zane made an album called Under The Radar; it was never released.

Compilation albums

List of albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions
Next Friday (soundtrack)
  • Released: December 7, 1999
  • Label: Warner Sunset/Atlantic Records
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP
19 5
Cognito Presents That's My Mic
  • Released: July 20, 2005
  • Label: JLM Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, MD, LP


Zane's mixtapes and details
Title Mixtape details
The Missing Link Volume 1
  • Released: October 26, 2011
  • Label: Money Making Muzik
  • Hosted by DJ Money Baggs
R.A.W (Raps About Women) (as LZ Stunna)
  • Released: November 11, 2011
  • Label: Money Making Muzik
Magic City Radio 2.5 Summer Anthems
  • Released: July 7, 2012
  • Label: JimiBASSIX'
  • Hosted by DJ Jimi Bassix' and Lil Zane
Champagne & Dirty Sprite
  • Released: December 26, 2012
  • Label: Money Making Muzik
  • Hosted by DJ Purfiya


Main-artist singles
Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap Album
1999 "Money Stretch"[23] 122 Next Friday OST
2000 "Callin' Me" (featuring 112)[24] 21 8 1 Young World: The Future
"None Tonight"[24] 66 2
2003 "Tonite I'm Yours" (featuring Tank)[25] 87 The Big Zane Theory
"To da River" (with T-Bone, and Montell Jordan)[26] The Fighting Temptations soundtrack
2007 "Like This"[27][28] Tha Return
2010 "Put It In My Lap" (featuring Tipse)[29] non-album single
"So Expensive" (featuring GR Boyz)[29] The Missing Link Vol. 1
2011 "My Girl"[30][31] Cognito Presents That's My Mic
2013 "When I Get Home" (featuring Young Joe)[32] Champagne & Dirty Sprite /
R.A.W (Raps About Women)
2015 Pussy On Fleek (featuring Jacob Latimore, Wash, LiL Scrappy) No Love Lost
Promotional singles
Year Song Album
2000 "Ways Of The World" Young World: The Future
"Top Down"
2011 "Must Be Nice" The Missing Link Volume 1
"Why You Mad"
"Stay On My Grind"
2012 "Sippin Hennessy" (featuring Tupac Shakur) Champagne & Dirty Sprite
"Don't Trust Nobody" (featuring Shawty Lo)
"I Learned From You" (featuring Whitney Houston) non-album single
2013 "Oh Heavenly Father" Champagne & Dirty Sprite
"Call It What You Want" non-album single
2014 "Roof Gone" My World My Future
2015 "Seen Alot" No Love Lost
Featured singles
Year Song Chart positions Album
1999 "Anywhere" (with 112)[33] 15 5 Room 112
"Worldwide Renegade (Da Howg featuring Lil' Zane) non-album single
2001 "Hardball" (as Lil Rascals with Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Sammie)[34] 68 Hardball soundtrack
2010 "Body Rock" (Bass Rock featuring Lil' Zane) non-album single
"We Are The World: The Next Generation" (with H. Wood City, Brian McKnight Jr., Taylor Parks, Bobby Tinsley, Tori Kelly, Montana Tucker, Mishon, Tyna Q, Sy Sylvers, Solre, Raz B, Kristy Flores, Marcel Dion, Bobbie Riley, Deja Riley, Naturi Naughton, Porscha Coleman, Ariana Pierce, Alyxx Dione, Lil Mama, Prima J, Lil' Fizz, J-Boog, Chani, Karen Flores)[12]
2011 "De Gna (Go)" (Official Avo featuring Lil' Zane & Novva)
"Elevator" (Hustleman featuring Lil' Zane & J Soul)
"Body Rock 2" (CityStarz featuring Lil' Zane)
"Go Hard" (J Bigga featuring Lil' Zane)[35]
2012 "Take You There" (K-Tone featuring Lil' Zane & Ray Lavender) The Real Tone Pt. 2
2013 "Motivation" (Soulja P featuring Lil' Zane) The Boot Camp
"When I Was 15" (Mac Trip Tha Don featuring Lil' Zane) MOB Money's Everything
2014 "Pocket Watchin" (D Pholo featuring Lil' Zane, Shawty) non-album single



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