Line 1 (Hangzhou Metro)

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Line 1
LocaleHangzhou, Zhejiang
Xiaoshan International Airport (main)
Linping (branch)
TypeRapid transit
SystemHangzhou Metro
Operator(s)Hangzhou MTR Corporation Limited
Depot(s)Qibao Depot
Xianghu Stabling Yard
Nanyang Stabling Yard
Rolling stock6 cars, type B
Daily ridership520,000 (2016 Daily Avg.)[1]
1,270,300 (2019-05-01 peak)
Opened24 November 2012; 8 years ago
Line length64.8 km (40.26 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead 1500V DC
Operating speed80km/h (50mph)

Line 1 of the Hangzhou Metro (Chinese: 杭州地铁一号线; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn) is an arc-shaped rapid transit line running from Xianghu station in western Xiaoshan District to Xiaoshan International Airport in eastern Xiaoshan District, passing through downtown Hangzhou with a branch toward Linping in Linping District. Opening on 24 November 2012, it is the oldest and busiest line in the city's metro network.[2]

The line is 64.8 km (40.3 mi) long with 39 stations, including a branch line leading northwards from Coach Center to Linping. The branch line (Coach Center-Linping) will be operated as Line 9, expected on 10 July 2021.[3]


Opening timeline

Segment Commencement Length Station(s) Name
Xianghu — Wenze Road 24 November 2012 34.82 km (21.64 mi) 24 Phase 1
Coach Center — Linping 11.7 km (7.27 mi) 6
East Railway Station 30 June 2013 Infill station 1
Wenze Road — Xiasha Jiangbin 24 November 2015 5.7 km (3.54 mi) 3 Phase 2
Xiasha Jiangbin — Xiaoshan International Airport 30 December 2020 11.25 km (6.99 mi) 5 Phase 3

Service routes


Because the stations from Coach Center to Linping will be merged with Line 9 after the completion of Line 9 city center section, the transferring to Line 9 start from South Qiaosi is not shown here.[citation needed]

Station name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Xianghu 湘湖 0.00 0.00 Xiaoshan
Binkang Road 滨康路  5  2.10 2.10 Xiaoshan/Binjiang
Xixing 西兴 1.02 3.12 Binjiang
Binhe Road 滨和路 1.50 4.62
Jiangling Road 江陵路  6  1.05 5.67
Jinjiang 近江  4  3.10 8.77 Shangcheng
Wujiang Road 婺江路 0.87 9.64
Chengzhan 城站  5  HZH 1.27 10.91
Ding'an Road 定安路 1.30 12.21
Longxiangqiao 龙翔桥 1.20 13.41 Shangcheng/Xiacheng
Fengqi Road 凤起路  2  0.80 14.21 Xiacheng
Wulin Square 武林广场 Hangzhou BRT 1.13 15.34
West Lake Cultural Square 西湖文化广场 0.87 16.21
Datieguan 打铁关  5  1.43 17.64
Zhalongkou 闸弄口 1.46 19.10 Jianggan
East Railway Station 火车东站  4  HGH 2.16 21.26
Pengbu 彭埠  4  1.10 22.36
Qibao 七堡 1.80 24.16
Jiuhe Road 九和路 1.20 25.36
Jiubao 九堡 1.45 26.81
Coach Center 客运中心 1.26 28.07
West Xiasha 下沙西 3.25 31.32 Qiantang
Jinshahu 金沙湖 1.27 32.59
Gaosha Road 高沙路 0.93 33.52
Wenze Road 文泽路 1.25 34.77
South Wenhai Road 文海南路  8  2.70 37.47
Yunshui 云水 1.40 38.87
Xiasha Jiangbin 下沙江滨 1.65 40.52
Hangzhou Grand Convention and Exhibition Center 杭州大会展中心 Xiaoshan
Gangcheng Avenue 港城大道
Nanyang 南阳
Xiangyang Road 向阳路
Xiaoshan International Airport 萧山国际机场  7  HGH
South Qiaosi 乔司南 2.45 42.97 Linping
Qiaosi 乔司 2.35 45.32
Wengmei 翁梅 2.28 47.60
Yuhang Railway Station 余杭高铁站  Hangzhou–Haining 
2.00 49.60
Nanyuan 南苑 1.50 51.10
Linping 临平 1.12 52.22


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