Line 3 (Hangzhou Metro)

Line 3
StatusUnder construction
OwnerCity of Hangzhou
LocaleHangzhou, China
TerminiXingqiao Road
Wushan Qiancun / Xiaoheshan
TypeRapid transit
SystemHangzhou Metro
Operator(s)Hangzhou Metro Corporation
Depot(s)Xingqiao Depot
Xiaoheshan Stabling Yard
Cangqian Depot
Rolling stock6 cars, type AH
Planned opening2022
Line length57.5 km (35.73 mi)[1]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead, 1,500 V DC
Operating speed80km/h (50mph)

Line 3 of the Hangzhou Metro (simplified Chinese: 杭州地铁三号线; traditional Chinese: 杭州地鐵三號線; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Sānhào Xiàn) is a subway line under construction.[2][3] The line will be 57.5 km long[1] and will run in a southwest-northeast direction between Wushan Qiancun station in Yuhang District and Xingqiao Road station in Yuhang District in the east, passing through downtown Hangzhou and providing transfers with multiple other lines in the system. Phase 1 of the line is expected to be operational by 2022.[1] The line will use higher capacity six car type AH subway cars.[4]


Service routes


Station name Connections
English Chinese
Xiaoheshan 小和山
Zhejiang University of Science and Technology 科技学院
Zhejiang University of Technology 工业大学
Liuxia 留下
Wushan Qiancun[5] 吴山前村
Liuxiang Road[5] 留祥路
West Railway Station[5] 杭州西站  Airport 
Longzhou Road[5] 龙舟路
West Wenyi Road 文一西路
Lvting Road 绿汀路  5   16 
Chuangyuan Road 创远路
Liangmu Road 良睦路
Gaojiao Road 高教路
Liansheng Road 联胜路
Fangxi Road 访溪路
Baijiayuan Road 百家园路
Huawu Road 花坞路
West Coach Terminal 汽车西站
Gudun Road 古墩路
Gudang Xincun 古荡新村
Gudang 古荡
Yugu Road 玉古路  10 
Songmuchang 松木场
Wulinmen 武林门  2 
Wulin Square 武林广场  1 
West Lake Cultural Square 西湖文化广场  1   Airport 
Chaowang Road 潮王路
Xiangjisi Road 香积寺路
Daguan 大关
Shanxian 善贤  5 
East Dongxin Road 东新东路  4 
Kangning Road 康宁路
Huafeng Road 华丰路
Tongxie Road 同协路
Jianding Road 笕丁路
Dingqiao 丁桥
Tianfeng Road 天丰路
Tianducheng 天都城
Xingqiao Road 星桥路

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