Line 5 (Hangzhou Metro)

Line 5
Train of Line 5 departing The Grand Canal Station
TypeRapid transit
SystemHangzhou Metro
LocaleHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
TerminiJinxing - Guniangqiao (in operation)
Laoyuhang - Guniangqiao (future)
Stations37 (in operation)
40 (future)
Opened24 June 2019; 11 months ago[1]
OwnerCity of Hangzhou
Operator(s)MTR Corporation (Hangzhou)[2]
Rolling stock6 cars, Type AH
Line length56.21 km (34.93 mi)[3]
ElectrificationOverhead line, 1,500 V DC
Operating speed80km/h (50mph)

Line 5 of the Hangzhou Metro (simplified Chinese: 杭州地铁五号线; traditional Chinese: 杭州地鐵五號線; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Wǔhào Xiàn) is a subway line in Hangzhou. The line is colored cyan on system maps.



Section Station name Connections Opening Date
English Chinese
Phase 2
Laoyuhang 老余杭 U/C
Jinxing 金星 23 April 2020
Phase 2 Lvting Road 绿汀路  3   16 
Gexiang 葛巷
Phase 1 Chuangjing Road 创景路  Airport 
Liangmu Road 良睦路 24 June 2019
Cangqian Campus Hangzhou Normal University 杭师大仓前
Yongfu 永福
Wuchang 五常
Jiangcun 蒋村
Zijingang Campus Zhejiang University 浙大紫金港
Sanba 三坝  2 
Pingshui Street 萍水街
Hemu 和睦  10 
The Grand Canal 大运河
East Gongchen Bridge 拱宸桥东
Shanxian 善贤  3 
Xiwen Street 西文街 23 April 2020
Xiangjisi Road 香积寺路  8 
Hangyang 杭氧
Datieguan 打铁关  1 
Baoshan Bridge 宝善桥 U/C
North Jianguo Road 建国北路  2  23 April 2020
Wan'an Bridge 万安桥  9 
Chengzhan 城站  1   7 
Jiangcheng Road 江城路  7 
Houchaomen 候潮门
Nanxingqiao 南星桥  4 
Changhe 长河  6 
Jucai Road 聚才路
Jianghui Road 江晖路
Binkang Road 滨康路  1 
Bo'ao Road 博奥路
Jinji Road 金鸡路
People's Square 人民广场  2 
North Yucai Road 育才北路
Middle Tonghui Road 通惠中路
South Railway Station 火车南站 Hangzhounan U/C
Shuangqiao 双桥 23 April 2020
Guniangqiao 姑娘桥  Hangshao 


Phase 1 of the line is 48.6 km (30.2 mi) long with 36 stations and will run between Central Park station in Yuhang District and Xiangzhang Road station in Xiaoshan District in the east, passing through downtown Hangzhou and providing transfers with multiple other lines in the system including Hangshao line (through operation to Line 1 (Shaoxing Metro) of the neighboring Shaoxing Metro).[4] Phase 2 of the line further extends 3.2 km and two stations east to Lvting Road.[5] A 5 km (3.1 mi), two station extension west to Laoyuhang station in Yuhang District started construction in 2018.[6]

Rolling stock

The line will use higher capacity six car Type AH trains which are 20cm wider than the Type B trains used in current Hangzhou Metro lines, increasing capacity by about 10%.[7]


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