Line 6 (Hangzhou Metro) -

Line 6 (Hangzhou Metro)

Line 6
Train of Line 6 under test
TypeRapid transit
SystemHangzhou Metro
StatusUnder construction
LocaleHangzhou, Zhejiang
Shuangpu (Mainline)
West Guihua Road (Fuyang Branch)
Stations36 (Phase 1: 19, Phase 2: 6, Fuyang branch: 11)
Planned opening2020
OwnerCity of Hangzhou
Operator(s)Hangzhou Metro Corporation
CharacterUnderground and Elevated
Rolling stock6 cars, type AH
Line length58.5 km (Phase 1: 27.0 km, Phase 2: 8.3 km, Fuyang: 23.2 km)
Track gauge1,435mm
ElectrificationOverhead line, 1,500 V DC
Operating speed100km/h (62mph)
Line 6
Simplified Chinese杭州地铁六号线
Traditional Chinese杭州地鐵六號線

Line 6 (Chinese: 杭州地铁6号线) is an under construction line of the Hangzhou Metro. The mainline runs from Goujunong Station to Shuangpu Station and is 35.3 km (21.9 mi) long. The original 23.2 km (14.4mi) long Fuyang line from Fenghua West Road to Guihua West road was merged to Line 6 as Fuyang branch in 2015. The line's color is blue. Both phase 1, 2 and Fuyang branch will open in mid 2020.[1]


Phase 2
Station name Connections
English Chinese
Goujunong 枸桔弄  8 
Hangzhou East Railway Station 火车东站  1   4   Airport  Hangzhoudong
Yuanbaotang 元宝堂
Tanhua'an Road 昙花庵路
Sanbao 三堡  9 
Asian Games Village 亚运村
Phase 1
Station name Connections
English Chinese
Fengbei 丰北
Qianjiang Century City 钱江世纪城  2 
Expo Center 博览中心
Olympic Center 奥体中心  7 
Xingmin 星民
Jiangling Road 江陵路  1 
Jianghan Road 江汉路
Changhe 长河  5 
Jianye Road 建业路
Chengye Road 诚业路
Weiye Road 伟业路
Chinese Medical University 中医药大学  4 
Xipu Road 西浦路
Zhipu Road 之浦路
West Fenghua Road 枫桦西路
Meiyuan Xiangshan 美院象山  Fuyang 
Xiaming Street 霞鸣街
Kehai Road 科海路
Shuangpu 双浦
Fuyang Line (Fuyang branch)

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