Linping Subdistrict

Linping (Chinese: 临平) located at Yuhang,[1] Hangzhou[2] city, Zhejiang[3] Province. Linping is an ancient town with a history of 1,000 years and it is the location of the main Yuhang local government. Linping contains three main Street Offices: Nanyuan Street Office, Donghu Street Office and Linping Office. Linping has a total area of and had a total population of 36,308. Linping has a very facilitative transportation system[4] and has a significant local position, since it is the eastern gate of Hangzhou and the main military position. There are 23 towns or cities connecting with Linping using buses every day. The river in Linping named Shangtang river[5] is through the western of Hangzhou, eastern of Haining and convergent into Qiantang River,[6] Hefeng harbor and DaYunhe.



In 1985, Linping had 125 factories about silk,[7] knit,[8] clothing, food, bread making, machine, mechanical engineering, medicine, architecture and electron. The promoting rate of Linping was boosting with high speed and at the end of 1985, Linping had 36 industries, 2,105 workers, 1017 million RMB annual value of production, 360 stores and 298 individual household.

Now, Linping is the No.15 sub-district in China and has No.3 financial income in Zhejiang Province.[9] In 2009, GDP in Linping was reaching 532.46 hundred million and had 100.07 hundred million total financial income. After these years development, Linping attracted a number of the country’s 500 strong industry[10] to build industry.

As the urban renewal area, the structure of the tertiary industry becomes more and more completely, the consumption market is become more prosperous, the professional market boosts with a hasty rhythm and the traveling economy is strong in new. The Yuhang economic and technological development zone[11] located at the northern direction of Linping and became the National economic and technological development zone in Sept. 29, 2012.

Fundamental facilitate

Linping has the cultural and athletic facilities of Cultural Central, Library, Cinema, Opera Central, Xinhua Bookstore,[12] TV Station, Radio Station, Youth Centre, Elderly cadres activity room, Swimming Center[13] and athletic Field.

Linping has two state-run middle schools—No.3 Middle School, No.1 Middle School; Two privately run middle schools—Shulan Middle School,[14] Xingda Middle School;[15] Five state-run primary schools—Shiyan Primary School,[16] Xinda Primary School, Shulan Primary School, No.1 Primay School, No.2 Primary School.

Linping has organized medical and healthy services, including Yuhang No.1 Hospital,[17] Yuhang No.5 Hospital, Yuhang Manternal and child health care Hospital, Yuhang Local health defensive Station and Center for disease control.

In recent years, the main urban area of Linping is progressing with the high speed, and there are several super-market entered into Linping, such as Walmart[18] and In-time.

Linping New Town

Linping New Town is in the southern part of Linping, including Linping Road Station,[19] Central commercial areas and Big Dongan Community. In order to build up Linping as a modern new town, the founders used “ compact city, easeful city, literate city, intelligent city and leisure city” as the elementary idea.

Linping Road[20] Station shortens the time from Linping to other big cities, thus conducing many people getting entertainments, taking leisure time, and setting home in Linping. In addition, the central commercial areas will become the financial trade market, businesses office, meeting exhibition and super shopping place. The third one is the Big Donggan Community that regards the People's Square[21] as the center and this center will be decorated by centuries-old culture and fascinating views. This Central Square lets people live in Linping with convenience and joy.

The core idea leads Linping towards prosperity is enhancing the connection between other cities. Therefore, promoting High-speed rail,[22] subway and highway[23] offer people who live in Linping a facilitating means to let people visit some nearby cities, and also attract people who live in other cities settle down in Linping.

Yuhang economic development zone is in the center of the Linping New Town, Qianjiang economic development zone[24] is in the southeast of the Linping New Town and there will have two more industrial estates locate in Linping. A number of buildings nearby the high-speed railway and subways are being set up in Linping. People only need to take eight minutes to Hangzhou[25] and only thirty minutes to Shanghai[26] if they live in Linping.



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