List of named minor planets (alphabetical) -

List of named minor planets (alphabetical)

This is a list of named minor planets in an alphabetical, case-insensitive order. New namings, typically proposed by the discoverer and approved by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature, are published by the Minor Planet Center in their Minor Planet Circular and summarized in a dedicated list several times a year.[1]

Over the last three decades, the list has grown significantly with an average rate of 670 namings per year, that is, almost two new names were assigned every day. While in March 1979,[2] only 1924 minor planets had received a name and completed the designation process, as of June 2020, the list contains 22,129 named objects.[1][3] This, however, only accounts for approximately 4% of all numbered bodies, as there are more than half a million minor planets with a well established orbit which is a precondition for receiving a name. Of all theses minor-planet names, 1063 contain diacritical marks.[1]

Note: this is a list of all named minor planets. Those for which no article exists on Wikipedia are displayed with a grey color in italics and redirect to the list of minor planets.[1] Designations are given without parentheses (see permanent syntax).

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