Hockey Manitoba

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Hockey Manitoba
Sportice hockey
(as Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association)
AffiliationHockey Canada
PresidentBill Whitehead
CEOPeter Woods
SecretaryAshley Fergusson
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Hockey Manitoba is the governing body of amateur ice hockey in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Hockey Manitoba was founded in 1914 as the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association and is a branch affiliate of Hockey Canada.

As part of its mandate, Hockey Manitoba oversees junior and senior hockey (excluding major junior), minor hockey (through its ten regional branches), provincial championships, officiating programs, and skill development programs for coaches and players, in conjunction with member leagues and minor hockey associations.





Minor Hockey




Provincial championships

Regional minor hockey associations

Region Main Centre(s)
Hockey Brandon Brandon
Central Plains Minor Hockey Association Portage la Prairie
Eastman Minor Hockey Association Beausejour, Steinbach
Interlake Minor Hockey Association Arborg, Gimli, Stonewall
Norman Minor Hockey Association Thompson, Flin Flon, The Pas
Parkland Minor Hockey Association Dauphin, Swan River
Pembina Minor Hockey Association Morden, Winkler
Westman South Minor Hockey Association Souris, Virden
Hockey Winnipeg Winnipeg, Selkirk
Yellowhead Minor Hockey Association Minnedosa, Neepawa

Notable presidents

Notable presidents of the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association:[2]

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