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Marie of Évreux

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Marie d'Évreux
Marie d'Évreux
Died31 October 1335
Noble familyCapet
Spouse(s)John III, Duke of Brabant
Joanna, Duchess of Brabant
Margaret of Brabant
Marie of Brabant
FatherLouis d'Évreux
MotherMargaret of Artois

Marie d'Évreux (1303 – October 31, 1335) was the eldest child of Louis d'Évreux and his wife Margaret of Artois. She was a member of the House of Capet.

She was Duchess of Brabant by her marriage to John III, Duke of Brabant. Her paternal grandmother being Marie of Brabant, she was a great-granddaughter of Henry III, Duke of Brabant and so, her husband's second cousin.

Marie was the eldest of five children born to her parents. Marie's younger siblings included: Charles d'Évreux; Lord of Étampes, Philip III of Navarre; husband of Joan II of Navarre, and Jeanne d'Évreux; Queen of France by her marriage to Charles IV of France.



In 1311, Marie married John III, Duke of Brabant[1] as his father's gesture of rapprochement with France. They had six children:

Marie's daughter Joanna was the first woman to be Duchess of Brabant in her own right.

Marie died October 31, 1335, aged thirty-one or thirty-two.



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