Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie -

Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie

Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie
Ogilvie in 2007
BornMarch 22, 1936 (age 84)
Alma materUniversity of Oklahoma
Baker University
University of Kansas
Scientific career
FieldsHistorian of Science
InstitutionsUniversity of Oklahoma

Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie (born March 22, 1936) is an American historian of science known especially for her work on the history of women in science. She taught at Oklahoma Baptist University, before becoming curator of the History of Science Collections and professor at the University of Oklahoma. After her retirement in 2008, a fellowship for graduate studies in the History of Science was established in her name.[1]



Ogilvie earned a BA degree from Baker University in 1957, an MA from the University of Kansas (1959), and PhD (1973) in the history of science from the University of Oklahoma.

After working as an associate professor and division chair at Oklahoma Baptist University from 1979 to 1991, Ogilvie returned to the University of Oklahoma as the Curator of the History of Science Collections.

Ogilvie is currently the Emeritus Curator of the History of Science Collections at the University of Oklahoma. She specializes in the history of women in science.


The following is a selection of Ogilvie's publications:


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