Matt Austin (actor)

Matt Austin
Matthew Sadowski

20 April 1978 (age 43)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
OccupationActor, writer, musician, filmmaker
Years active1989–present

Matt Austin (born Matthew Sadowski;[citation needed] 20 April 1978) is a Canadian actor, best known for his role as Bridge Carson, the Green Ranger (later Blue Ranger) from the children's television series Power Rangers S.P.D.. He returned in 2007 as the Red Ranger in the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive "Once a Ranger" 15th anniversary team-up two-part episode. In addition to acting, he is also a writer, musician, and filmmaker.


Life and career

Austin communicates frequently with the Power Rangers fanbase, and was a guest at Power Morphicon in June 2007, where he interviewed guests and shot footage of the interviews with his own camera. Recently, he revealed plans to make a documentary on the Power Rangers fandom called MOR-FAN-ONIMAL.[1] However, according to his Twitter account, production has ceased due to the funding not being put together.[2]

Austin's "Power Rangers" character, Bridge, displays a particular fondness for buttered toast by wiggling the fingers on his right hand and uttering the word "buttery" as he does so. This reference stems from Austin's own fondness for Indian butter chicken. His character also wears gloves on his hands due to his inability to control his powers, though in reality, the gloves are used to conceal the tattoo that Matt has on his hands

Canada's Alliance Releasing has picked up worldwide rights to Don't You Forget About Me, a 75-minute documentary centered on late filmmaker John Hughes starring and directed by Austin. It chronicles Austin's recent road trip to the suburbs of Illinois, where he attempted to track down Hughes, who at that point had not written or directed a movie in more than a decade. The project features interviews with Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Mia Sara, Kelly Le Brock and Andrew McCarthy.[3]

Austin was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is Jewish.[4]


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Coming to Terms Damian Short film
2000 Broke Body Saints Malcolm
2001 Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot Joseph Patrick Kennedy II Television film
2002 Release Young man Short film; also writer
2002 Talk Salò Aaron Short film
2002 If Wishes Were Horses Toby Also second assistant director
2003 Autobiography of an Insect Alex Short film
2003 Will N/A Short film
2003 Bar Life Guy Short film
2004 Dawn of the Dead EMS technician
2004 Denied Merrick
2004 Credit Role Himself Short film; also producer and writer
2004 A Separate Peace Rach Television film
2004 This Town's Called Crash N/A Short film; also writer
2006 Catch and Release Charlie Potter Short film
2008 Time Bomb Kid
2009 Don't You Forget About Me Director and writer
2014 Pretend We're Kissing Director, producer and writer
Year Title Role Notes
2002 Spynet Cypher 2 episodes
2003 Queer as Folk Hustler Episode: "Hunt(er) for Love"
2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Bridge Carson/Green S.P.D. Ranger Main role; 38 episodes
2006 This Is Wonderland Daniel McDonald Season 3, episode 13
2007 Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Bridge Carson/Red S.P.D. Ranger 2 episodes
2008 Taste Buds Matt Host (season 1); 13 episodes
2010 Aaron Stone Secret service agent Episode: "Mutant Rain (Part 2)"


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