Meanings of minor planet names: 15001–16000

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center (MPC), and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.

Official naming citations of newly named small Solar System bodies are published in MPC's Minor Planet Circulars several times a year.[1] Recent citations can also be found on the JPL Small-Body Database (SBDB).[2] Until his death in 2016, German astronomer Lutz D. Schmadel compiled these citations into the Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (DMP) and regularly updated the collection.[3][4] Based on Paul Herget's The Names of the Minor Planets,[5] Schmadel also researched the unclear origin of numerous asteroids, most of which had been named prior to World War II.  This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Government document: "SBDB". New namings may only be added after official publication as the preannouncement of names is condemned by the Committee on Small Body Nomenclature.[6]


Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15001 Fuzhou 1997 WD30 Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, P.R. China. JPL  · 15001
15003 Midori 1997 XC10 Midori Gotō (born 1971), an extremely talented violinist, and she has also contributed much to musical education for children. JPL  · 15003
15004 Vallerani 1997 XL10 Ernesto Vallerani (born 1936) has participated in numerous important European and international scientific programs, notably playing a key role in space activities in Italy's Piedmont region. JPL  · 15004
15005 Guerriero 1997 XY10 Luciano Guerriero (born 1930) played a key role in the development of the first Italian National Space Program and the promotion of important international space research missions in astronomy. JPL  · 15005
15006 Samcristoforetti 1998 DZ32 Samantha Cristoforetti (born 1977), the first Italian female astronaut. JPL  · 15006
15007 Edoardopozio 1998 NA Edoardo Pozio (born 1952), Italian biologist and researcher in the field of zoonotic parasitic diseases at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome. He serves as director of the European Commission's Community Reference Laboratory of Parasites. JPL  · 15007
15008 Delahodde 1998 QO6 Catherine E. Delahodde (born 1974), French astronomer and recoverer of several comets at ESO's La Silla Observatory JPL  · 15008
15014 Annagekker 1998 RO74 Anna Gekker (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. She attended the Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn, New York. JPL  · 15014
15017 Cuppy 1998 SS25 Will Cuppy (1884–1949), American humorist and journalist. A gentle satirist, he is well known for his books The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, How to Attract the Wombat, How to Become Extinct and How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes. The name was suggested by M. Walter. JPL  · 15017
15019 Gingold 1998 SW75 Julian A. Gingold (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the New Rochelle High School, New Rochelle, New York. JPL  · 15019
15020 Brandonimber 1998 SV105 Brandon Stuart Imber (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Commack High School, Commack, New York. JPL  · 15020
15021 Alexkardon 1998 SX123 Alex Kardon (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the South Side High School, Rockville Centre, New York. JPL  · 15021
15023 Ketover 1998 SP156 Daniel Jacob Ketover (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Syosset High School, Syosset, New York. JPL  · 15023
15025 Uwontario 1998 TX28 University of Western Ontario is located in London, Canada, and was founded in 1878. The Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory was built on campus in 1940, and the university has a 1.2-m telescope at the Elginfield Observatory. The name was suggested by R. Jedicke and P. Jedicke. JPL  · 15025
15026 Davidscott 1998 TR34 David Holcomb Scott (1916–2000) was a member of the USGS lunar geologic mapping team during the Apollo program, the senior author of the USGS geologic map of Mars based on the Mariner 9 data, and the coordinator for the preparation of the Mars Geologic Atlas. JPL  · 15026
15028 Soushiyou 1998 UL23 Soushiyoukouen is a park on a hill located in the northern part of Nanyo-city, Yamagata prefecture in Japan. This park is known for pine wood, cherry trees, roses, chrysanthemums and the Nanyo Citizen Observatory JPL  · 15028
15030 Matthewkroll 1998 VA15 Matthew Jay Kroll (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Byram Hills High School, Armonk, New York. JPL  · 15030
15031 Lemus 1998 VN28 Bryan A. Lemus (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Dr. Michael M. Krop High School, Miami, Florida. JPL  · 15031
15032 Alexlevin 1998 VV28 Alex Levin (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Stuyvesant High School, New York, New York. JPL  · 15032
15034 Décines 1998 WH The French town of Décines-Charpieu, west of Lione. The town is twinned with Monsummano Terme, Italy, the birthplace of Luciano Tesi, the co-discoverer of this minor planet. JPL  · 15034
15036 Giovannianselmi 1998 WO5 Giovanni Anselmi, editor of the Italian astronomy journal Coelum JPL  · 15036
15037 Chassagne 1998 WN6 Robin Chassagne (born 1962), a discoverer of minor planets and supernovae JPL  · 15037
15041 Paperetti 1998 XB5 Emiliano Paperetti (born 1951), Italian amateur astronomer from Pistoia, Tuscany JPL  · 15041
15042 Anndavgui 1998 XZ8 Annick Merlin (born 1953), David Merlin (born 1985), and Guillaume Merlin (born 1989), wife and sons of the discoverer Jean-Claude Merlin, respectively JPL  · 15042
15045 Walesdymond 1998 XY21 William Wales (1734–1798) and his assistant Joseph Dymond (1746–1796), British astronomers sent to the shores of Hudson Bay by the Royal Society of London to observe the transit of Venus in 1769 Src JPL  · 15045
15050 Heddal 1998 XC96 Heddal, a small school located in and named after the a small village of Heddal in southern Norway. JPL  · 15050
15052 Emileschweitzer 1998 YD2 Emile Schweitzer (born 1923) was for 25 years president of the Association Françoise des Etoiles Variables. JPL  · 15052
15053 Bochníček 1998 YY2 Záviš Bochníček (1920–2002), Czech astronomer who worked at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia JPL  · 15053
15056 Barbaradixon 1998 YP12 Barbara Dixon, software developer and engineer. This minor planet was discovered by David S. Dixon. JPL  · 15056
15057 Whitson 1998 YY15 Peggy Whitson (born 1960), American astronaut and biochemist JPL  · 15057
15058 Billcooke 1998 YL16 Bill Cooke (born 1958), American space weather scientist who generates custom meteor activity forecasts JPL  · 15058
15068 Wiegert 1999 AJ20 Paul Wiegert (born 1967), Canadian astrodynamicist and discoverer of minor planets. He studied at Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, York University and Queen's University. Wiegert helped identify 3753 Cruithne as the first minor planet known to be co-orbital with the Earth. The name was suggested by R. Jedicke and P. Jedicke. JPL  · 15068
15071 Hallerstein 1999 BN12 Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein (1703–1774), Slovenian Jesuit missionary to China, mathematician, astronomer, cartograph, and diplomat JPL  · 15071
15072 Landolt 1999 BS12 Arlo U. Landolt (born 1935), a secretary of the American Astronomical Society and Professor at Louisiana State University. He has established the widely used Landolt Photometric Standard Stars through four decades of meticulous observations. JPL  · 15072
15076 Joellewis 1999 BL25 Joel Brewster Lewis (born 1984), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Stuyvesant High School, New York, New York. JPL  · 15076
15077 Edyalge 1999 CA Edy Alge (born 1934), a Swiss amateur astronomer from Widnau who has built many homemade telescopes of various sizes and spent most of his time expressing enthusiasm for the science of astronomy. JPL  · 15077
15083 Tianhuili 1999 CJ34 Tianhui Michael Li (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. JPL  · 15083
15088 Licitra 1999 CK82 Jeffrey Lawrence Licitra (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Blind Brook High School, Rye Brook, New York. JPL  · 15088
15091 Howell 1999 CM136 Steve B. Howell (born 1955), a student of cataclysmic variable stars, master of high-precision photometry and explorer of TOADs (tremendous outburst amplitude dwarf novae). He is equally at home developing theoretical stellar models, working with the latest instrumentation or mentoring students in esoteric astrophysics. JPL  · 15091
15092 Beegees 1999 EH5 The Bee Gees' UK-born recording artists Barry, Robin, Maurice, and Andy Gibb were raised in Australia only 100 km from the discovery site. JPL  · 15092
15093 Lestermackey 1999 TA31 Lester Wayne Mackey (born 1985), 2003 Intel STS finalist. He attended the Half Hollow Hills High School West, Dix Hills, New York. JPL  · 15093
15094 Polymele 1999 WB2 Polymele from Greek mythology; wife of Menoetius and the mother of Patroclus JPL  · 15094
15099 Janestrohm 2000 AE92 Jane Strohm, 2001 DYSC mentor. Strohm is a teacher at the Pistor Middle School, Tucson, Arizona. JPL  · 15099


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15106 Swanson 2000 CA45 Marie Swanson, 2001 DYSC mentor. Strohm is a teacher at the Pistor Middle School, Tucson, Arizona. JPL  · 15106
15107 Toepperwein 2000 CR49 Mary Anne J. Toepperwein, 2001 DYSC mentor. Toepperwein is a teacher at the William P. Hobby Middle School, San Antonio, Texas. JPL  · 15107
15109 Wilber 2000 CW61 Harold T. Wilber, 2001 DYSC mentor. Wilber is a teacher at the Franklin Middle School, Springfield, Illinois. JPL  · 15109
15111 Winters 2000 CY92 Marlene K. Winters, 2001 DYSC mentor. Winters is a teacher at the International Montessori School, Venice, Florida. JPL  · 15111
15112 Arlenewolfe 2000 CY94 Arlene E. Wolfe, 2001 DYSC mentor. Wolfe is a teacher at the Venerini Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts. JPL  · 15112
15115 Yvonneroe 2000 DA7 Yvonne Roe (born 1935), wife of discoverer James M. Roe JPL  · 15115
15116 Jaytate 2000 DZ12 Jonathan Tate (born 1955), an enthusiastic advocate of the search for hazardous near-Earth objects (NEOs) and founder of Spaceguard-UK and the Spaceguard Centre in Wales, UK. JPL  · 15116
15118 Elizabethsears 2000 DP82 Elizabeth R. Sears, 2001 DYSC finalist. Elizabeth was a student at the All Saints Episcopal School, Lubbock, Texas. JPL  · 15118
15120 Mariafélix 2000 ES Maria Jesús Albors Félix (born 1965) is the wife of the discoverer J. J. Gómez. This naming is in acknowledgment of her support, patience and understanding in accommodating the discoverer's work in observing minor planets. JPL  · 15120
15126 Brittanyanderson 2000 EA44 Brittany L. Anderson, 2001 DYSC finalist. Brittany was a student at the House Junior High School, House, New Mexico. JPL  · 15126
15128 Patrickjones 2000 EG46 Patrick K. Jones, 2001 DYSC finalist. Patrick was a student at the St. Michael Parish School, Wheeling, West Virginia. JPL  · 15128
15129 Sparks 2000 ET47 Branson Sparks, 2001 DYSC finalist and named 2001 Nation's Top Young Scientist. Branson was a student at the Alexandria Country Day School, Alexandria, Louisiana. MPC  · 15129
15131 Alanalda 2000 ET54 Alan Alda (born 1936) is an American actor, director, screenwriter and author. Best known as Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce in the TV series M.A.S.H. Alda has won numerous awards for his work including 6 Emmys and 6 Golden Globes. Alda hosted the acclaimed PBS series Scientific American Frontiers from 1993 to 2005 JPL  · 15131
15132 Steigmeyer 2000 EZ69 August J. Steigmeyer, 2001 DYSC finalist. August was a student at the Canterbury School, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. JPL  · 15132
15133 Sullivan 2000 EB91 Cole J. Sullivan, 2001 DYSC finalist. Cole was a student at the Oslo Middle School, Vero Beach, Florida. JPL  · 15133
15139 Connormcarty 2000 EY93 Connor W. McCarty, 2001 DYSC finalist. Connor was a student at the Mesa Union Junior High School, Somis, California. JPL  · 15139
15144 Araas 2000 EK114 Michael J. Araas, 2001 DYSC finalist. Michael was a student at the Holy Name School, Sheridan, Wyoming. JPL  · 15144
15145 Ritageorge 2000 EF117 Rita M. George, 2001 DYSC finalist. Rita was a student at the Manhattan Beach Middle School, Manhattan Beach, California. JPL  · 15145
15146 Halpov 2000 EQ130 Harold R. Povenmire (born 1939), American amateur astronomer and meteor observer has extensively searched the Georgia strewn field in an effort to find tektites and understand their complicated geology. He recently published the book Tektites: A Cosmic Enigma. He has also been an avid observer of grazing lunar occultations and of occultations by minor planets. JPL  · 15146
15147 Siegfried 2000 EJ134 Ray M. Siegfried (born 1943) is active in numerous civic, business, cultural and community associations. JPL  · 15147
15148 Michaelmaryott 2000 EM141 Michael Maryott (1936–2009) was the owner of a company that maintains research microscopes for laboratories at the University of Arizona, especially the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. He was a prospector, silversmith, photographer, craftsman, musician, scientist, educator and Arizona historian JPL  · 15148
15149 Loufaix 2000 EZ141 Louis Faix (1933–2011), an amateur astronomer originally from the Detroit area in Michigan, retired to Saddlebrooke, Arizona. JPL  · 15149
15150 Salsa 2000 EO148 The San Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers, is an astronomy club whose passionate members are dedicated to sharing the night sky with everyone in a fun and friendly environment JPL  · 15150
15151 Wilmacherup 2000 EU148 Wilma Cherup (1915–2010), of the Amateur Astronomers' Association of Pittsburgh, became The Astronomical League's Executive Secretary in 1954. JPL  · 15151
15155 Ahn 2000 FB37 Ryan J. Ahn, 2001 DYSC finalist. Ryan was a student at the Landisville Middle School, Landisville, Pennsylvania. JPL  · 15155
15160 Wygoda 2000 FK44 Jennifer A. Wygoda, 2001 DYSC finalist. Jennifer was a student at the F. K. White Middle School, Lake Charles, Louisiana. JPL  · 15160
15168 Marijnfranx 2022 P-L Marijn Franx (born 1960), Dutch astronomer at Leiden. His research interests are very-high-redshift galaxies, which he observed with the Hubble Space Telescope. In 2010 he received the Dutch Spinoza Prize. JPL  · 15168
15169 Wilfriedboland 2629 P-L Wilfried Boland (born 1953), a Dutch astronomer at Leiden. Having studied in Utrecht, he obtained his PhD on molecular clouds in Amsterdam. After working in the Astron directorate (Dutch radio astronomy), he later became the executive director of the Dutch Research School for Astronomy. JPL  · 15169
15170 Erikdeul 2648 P-L Erik Deul (born 1958), Dutch astronomer, who, after a career in IT support, returned to Leiden to become Scientific Head of the Informations and Communications Technologies development group. JPL  · 15170
15171 Xandertielens 2772 P-L Alexander Tielens (born 1953), Dutch astronomer at Leiden who after his PhD went to the US to become Project Scientist for the airborne observatory, SOFIA. Back in the Netherlands he continues his work on dust and the chemistry of interstellar matter. JPL  · 15171
15199 Rodnyanskaya 1974 SE Larisa Zinov'evna Rodnyanskaya (1938–2004) was secretary of the board of the Ukrainian Filmmakers Union. In 1987 she founded the first independent documentary studio "Contact" and was its permanent director and producer JPL  · 15199


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15202 Yamada-Houkoku 1977 EM5 Yamada-Houkoku (1805–1877) was a Confucian and Japanese scholar of the late Edo period, born in Okayama prefecture JPL  · 15202
15203 Grishanin 1978 SS6 Kirill Vladimirovich Grishanin (1909–2002), an eminent Russian specialist in the field of hydrometeorology, delivered lectures at the St. Petersburg State University for Water Communications for nearly 50 years. He is author of numerous scientific works and some textbooks, one of which was reprinted three times JPL  · 15203
15212 Yaroslavl' 1979 WY3 Founded in 1010, Yaroslavl' was the capital of an independent principality, incorporated into the Moscow principality in 1463. During the Polish occupation of Moscow in 1612 it was Russia's de facto capital. The historical center of Yaroslavl' has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites JPL  · 15212
15220 Sumerkin 1981 SC7 Yurij Vasil'evich Sumerkin (born 1935) is a Russian scientist in the field of ship mechanical engineering, ship building and ship repair. He is an author of more than 100 scientific and educational works, including eight textbooks on the technology of ship mechanical engineering. JPL  · 15220
15224 Penttilä 1985 JG Antti Penttilä (born 1977), a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. He is a specialist on the scattering and absorption of light by cosmic dust in cometary comae as well as on the surfaces of asteroids and cometary nuclei. JPL  · 15224
15228 Ronmiller 1987 DG Ron Miller (born 1955), a forester for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. JPL  · 15228
15230 Alona 1987 RF1 Alona (born 1997) is a daughter of Valentina Arkadievna Andreichenko, who performed the reductions for astrometric measurements by the discoverer and served as translator for the Tomsk-Uccle Observational Program. JPL  · 15230
15231 Ehdita 1987 RO5 Ehdita Stanislavovna P'ekha (born 1937), a Russian singer. JPL  · 15231
15238 Hisaohori 1989 CQ Hisao Hori (born 1968) was born in Niihama City, Ehime prefecture, He is an amateur astronomer and member of Shikoku Astronomical Society. He works for Anan Science Center and observes with its 1.13-meter reflector JPL  · 15238
15239 Stenhammar 1989 CR2 Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927) was a Swedish composer, conductor and pianist. His work includes two piano concertos, two symphonies and several quartets. His Sensommarnätter ("Late Summer Nights", 1900–1904) includes beautiful episodes of quiet gestures that are sprinkled throughout the piece. JPL  · 15239
15246 Kumeta 1989 VS1 Yasutaka Kumeta (born 1965) is a well known Japanese amateur astronomer and keen observer and photographer of comets, nebulae, star clusters and lunar eclipses. He has been a member of the Kuroishi Subaru Association since 1992 JPL  · 15246
15248 Hidekazu 1989 WH3 Hidekazu Yamato (born 1956), became interested in astronomy through an event in which he participated at the age of 26. Star-field photography is his personal favorite activity JPL  · 15248
15249 Capodimonte 1989 YB5 Capodimonte is the name of the astronomical observatory near Naples that was inaugurated in early November 1819. JPL  · 15249
15250 Nishiyamahiro 1990 DZ Hiroshi Nishiyama (born 1962) has been a director of the Baienno Sato Observatory since 1998. He was previously a teacher of earth sciences in a high school. His interests include observations of various galaxies, searching for supernovae and astronomical teaching JPL  · 15250
15252 Yoshiken 1990 OD1 Kenichi Yoshioka (born 1948), a primary school principal. He joined the staff of Geisei Observatory in 2008 and is involved in astronomy education for children. JPL  · 15252
15258 Alfilipenko 1990 RN17 Aleksandr Vasil'evich Filipenko (born 1950), a civil engineer at Khanty-Mansijsk in Siberia. JPL  · 15258
15262 Abderhalden 1990 TG4 Emil Abderhalden (1877–1950), was a Swiss physiologist who lectured at the University of Halle during 1911–1945. He contributed more than 1000 articles to the physiologic chemistry of metabolism, created the basis of modern dietetics, discovered the defensive enzymes against exogenous proteins and promoted social welfare. JPL  · 15262
15263 Erwingroten 1990 TY7 Erwin Groten (born 1935), a pioneer in modern geodesy. For three decades until his retirement in 2003 he served as director of the Institute of Physical Geodesy at the Technical University in Darmstadt. He contributed significantly to the definition of fundamental astronomical and geodetic reference frames. JPL  · 15263
15264 Delbrück 1990 TU11 Max Delbrück (1906–1981), German biologist, joint winner with Salvador Luria and Alfred Hershey of the Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1969. JPL  · 15264
15265 Ernsting 1990 TG13 Walter Ernsting (1920–2005; pen name Clark Darlton), was a German science fiction writer who founded the German Science Fiction Club in 1955. His novels are characterized by his desire for humanity and peace. JPL  · 15265
15267 Kolyma 1990 VX4 The Kolyma, a river in northeastern Siberia, has a total length of 2129 km. It rises in the mountains north of the coast of Okhotsk and the Magadan area. Each winter the river is frozen to a depth of several meters JPL  · 15267
15268 Wendelinefroger 1990 WF3 Wendeline Froger (born 1948) has a beautiful soprano voice and a preference for singing Schubert's Lieder. Educated as a professional singer, she performs regularly at church celebrations, weddings and for select audiences at her residence JPL  · 15268
15273 Ruhmkorff 1991 GQ3 Heinrich Daniel Ruhmkorff (1803–1877) was a German instrument maker and researcher who invented the Ruhmkorff coil, used in many physical experiments where high voltages are needed. The coil was applied for energizing discharge tubes, notably for generating x-rays. JPL  · 15273
15276 Diebel 1991 GA10 John Diebel (born 1943), a lifelong amateur astronomer and telescope enthusiast. JPL  · 15276
15278 Pâquet 1991 PG7 Paul Pâquet (born 1937) has contributed to earth-rotation studies and interpretation of the earth rotation variations in relation to the atmosphere and solar activity. As director of the Royal Observatory of Belgium from 1990 to 2002, he increased the number of scientists and renovated and enlarged the center. JPL  · 15278
15282 Franzmarc 1991 RX4 Franz Marc (1880–1916), a German expressionist painter and graphic artist who created an individual style, especially with animal representations. He invented geometrized and rhythmically arranged image composition. He co-founded the group Der Blaue Reiter in Munich in 1911. The name was suggested by the first discoverer. JPL  · 15282
15294 Underwood 1991 VD5 Lynn Underwood (born 1949), an American building plans examiner of Vail, Arizona, has completed successful and innovative designs of two major extensions to the Jarnac Observatory, thus enabling it to redouble its observations and join in an expanded public observing program with Dean Koenig and "Starizona". JPL  · 15294
15295 Tante Riek 1991 VA9 Helena T. Kuipers-Rietberg ("Tante Riek", 1893–1944) was one of the founders of the Dutch resistance organization "Landelijke organisatie voor hulp aan Onderduikers", which helped to hide Jews and escaped prisoners of war during World War II. She was betrayed and died in the concentration camp Ravensbrück JPL  · 15295
15296 Tantetruus 1992 AS2 Geertruida ("Truus") Wijsmuller-Meijer (1896–1978) was a member of the Dutch resistance who rescued some ten thousand Jewish children before and during WWII and smuggled them to safety. In 1966 she was named Righteous Among the Nations. Name suggested by W. A. Fröger JPL  · 15296


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15301 Marutesser 1992 SC2 Marianne Ute Esser, a member of the scientific staff of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut in Heidelberg for more than 30 years. MPC  · 15301
15303 Hatoyamamachi 1992 UJ2 Hatoyamamachi, a town in Saitama within the Tokyo metropolitan area. JPL  · 15303
15304 Wikberg 1992 UX4 Leonard Wikberg III (born 1959), a well-known planetary animator and the creator of extraordinary space images. JPL  · 15304
15316 Okagakimachi 1993 HH1 Okagakimachi is a small town in Fukuoka Prefecture, west Japan, where the Hokuto Sichisei (the Big Dipper) appears to dip into the Sea of Genkai at lower culmination in the early morning during the summer and autumn. JPL  · 15316
15318 Innsbruck 1993 KX1 Innsbruck, capital of Tyrol in the heart of the Alps on the great route from Italy. JPL  · 15318
15321 Donnadean 1993 PE8 With his wife Donna, Dean Koenig (born 1956) has devoted years to inspiring people to become interested in the night sky. Through observing sessions and other facilities of his store "Starizona", located in Tucson, Arizona, Koenig has a fine record of restoring and repairing telescopes. JPL  · 15321
15329 Sabena 1993 SN7 Sabena, defunct Belgian airline JPL  · 15329
15330 de Almeida 1993 TO Amaury Augusto de Almeida (born 1946) is a Brazilian astronomer with expertise in cometary science and astrochemistry. His major contributions include studies of gas and dust production in comets and theoretical determination of basic molecular data for simple radicals and ions of astrophysical importance. JPL  · 15330
15332 CERN 1993 TU24 CERN (originally the Conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire; now the Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire, European Organization for Nuclear Physics), Geneva, Switzerland, the world's largest subatomic particle laboratory. JPL  · 15332
15335 Satoyukie 1993 UV Yukie Sato (born 1962) is an expert on astronomical photography and one of the most active members of the Ota Astronomical Club. JPL  · 15335
15338 Dufault 1994 AZ4 Michele Dufault (1988–2011), an outstanding astronomy and physics student at Yale College who died in an accident just weeks before graduation. JPL  · 15338
15339 Pierazzo 1994 AA9 Elisabetta Pierazzo (1963–2011) was an expert in impact modeling, in particular of the Chicxulub impact, as well as in modeling the effects of impacts on Earth and Mars. JPL  · 15339
15342 Assisi 1994 GD10 Saint Francis of Assisi JPL  · 15342
15346 Bonifatius 1994 RT11 Saint Boniface JPL  · 15346
15347 Colinstuart 1994 UD Colin Stuart (born 1986) is a British astronomy writer and presenter. He has given public astronomy talks to over 250,000 people in schools and at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, written many popular astronomy articles and space books. In 2014 he was runner up in the European Astronomy Journalism Prize. JPL  · 15347
15350 Naganuma 1994 VB2 Naganuma, Hokkaido. JPL  · 15350
15351 Yamaguchimamoru 1994 VO6 Mamoru Yamaguchi (born 1965), an amateur astronomer in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. JPL  · 15351
15353 Meucci 1994 WA Antonio Meucci (1808–1889), an inventor of the telephone. JPL  · 15353
15355 Maupassant 1995 AZ3 Guy de Maupassant (1850–1893), a French writer JPL  · 15355
15358 Kintner 1995 FM8 Paul Kintner (1946–2010), professor of electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University. JPL  · 15358
15359 Dressler 1995 GV2 Burkhard Dressler (born 1939), a Canadian geologist. JPL  · 15359
15360 Moncalvo 1996 CY7 Moncalvo is a small town in the Monferrato Hills region of Piedmont, a land of ancient and noble traditions. In addition to its renowned gastronomical specialties, Moncalvo has been a sponsor of cultural-scientific initiatives in astronomy and space exploration JPL  · 15360
15363 Ysaye 1996 FT6 Eugene Ysaye (1858–1931), a violinist and composer. JPL  · 15363
15364 Kenglover 1996 HT2 Ken Glover (born 1964), a Canadian space historian. JPL  · 15364
15368 Katsuji 1996 JZ Katsuji Koyama (born 1945), a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, works in x-ray astronomy and cosmic ray physics. In particular, he has investigated the x-ray emission mechanisms and structures of supernova remnants. He was a vice-president of the Astronomical Society of Japan during 1999–2000 JPL  · 15368
15370 Kanchi 1996 NW Kanji Nagao, whose nickname is Kanchi, is the hero in Tokyo Love Story, originally a cartoon written by Fumi Saimon, and broadcast as a TV drama in 1991. JPL  · 15370
15371 Steward 1996 RZ18 Steward Observatory MPC  · 15371
15372 Agrigento 1996 TK41 The Italian city of Agrigento in Sicily. It was founded by the Greeks in 582 B.C. (Akragas) One of the leading cities of the Mediterranean world, it demonstrates still its pride by preserving the remains of several Doric temples. In 490 B.C. the great philosopher Empedocles was born there. JPL  · 15372
15374 Teta 1997 BG Teta, mythical fortune-teller and heathen priestess, second daughter of Bohemian prince Krok MPC  · 15374
15375 Laetitiafoglia 1997 BO9 Laetitia Foglia (born 2003), the elder daughter of Sergio and Paola Diomede, friends of the discoverers. JPL  · 15375
15376 Marták 1997 CT1 Ján Marták, Slovak musician MPC  · 15376
15378 Artin 1997 PJ2 Emil Artin, an Austrian-German mathematician. JPL  · 15378
15379 Alefranz 1997 QG1 Alessandro Bisentini and Francesco Villa, Italian comedian duo, friends of the second discoverer JPL  · 15379
15381 Spadolini 1997 RB1 Mauro (1941) and Barbara (1944) Spadolini, dedicated Italian secondary-school teachers who believe in cross-curricular work. MPC  · 15381
15382 Vian 1997 SN Boris Vian (1920–1959), French writer (L´ecume des jours, L´arrache-coeur), singer (Le déserteur) and jazz musician. JPL  · 15382
15384 Samková 1997 SC4 Filomena Samková, Czech MPC  · 15384
15385 Dallolmo 1997 SP4 Umberto Dall'Olmo (1925–1980) was an Italian amateur astronomer with degrees in both law and physics, who principally observed Jupiter and studied flare stars with Rosino. He was also interested in the history of astronomy and worked as a technician at the University of Bologna's Institute of Astronomy. JPL  · 15385
15386 Nicolini 1997 ST4 Martino Nicolini, a nuclear engineer, is very active in amateur astronomy. JPL  · 15386
15387 Hanazukayama 1997 SQ17 Hanazukayama is a 918-m mountain situated along the border between Kawamata town and Iitate village in Fukushima prefecture. It is officially recognized as the most northerly mountain from which Mt. Fuji is visible: 308 km away. JPL  · 15387
15388 Coelum 1997 ST17 Coelum, the Italian astronomy journal. Established in 1931 by Guido Horn d´Arturo, it was edited by the department of astronomy of the University of Bologna and had more than 4000 subscribers. The magazine ceased publications in 1986. The citation was prepared by F. Bonoli. JPL  · 15388
15389 Geflorsch 1997 TL6 Gérard Florsch, one of the founders of the Groupe de Lorraine of the Société Astronomique de France and of the public observatory of Sarreguemines. MPC  · 15389
15390 Znojil 1997 TJ10 Vladimír Znojil, Czech astronomer MPC  · 15390
15391 Steliomancinelli 1997 TS16 Stelio Mancinelli Degli Esposti (1931–2017) was a professor of chemistry in Terni. Deeply keen on mathematics, physics and astronomy, he designed and implemented large sundials in various Italian cities. He was well known for giving lectures about the history of astronomy and for training courses for teachers. JPL  · 15391
15392 Budějický 1997 TO19 Jaromír Budějický, Czech radio-astronomer MPC  · 15392
15395 Rükl 1997 UV Antonín Rükl, Czech astronomer MPC  · 15395
15396 Howardmoore 1997 UG2 Howard Moore (born 1943) of Chino Valley, Arizona, is an amateur astronomer and accomplished optician who made the 0.25-m telescope with which this minor planet was discovered. JPL  · 15396
15397 Ksoari 1997 UK7 KSO-ARI Minor Planet Surveys ( ) were conducted by Freimut Börngen (Karl Schwarzschild Observatory, Tautenburg) and Lutz D. Schmadel (Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Heidelberg) with the Tautenburg Schmidt Telescope between 1990 and 1993. The surveys resulted in the discovery of 501 minor planets. MPC  · 15397
15399 Hudec 1997 VE René Hudec, Czech astronomer MPC  · 15399


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15402 Suzaku 1997 VY5 Suzaku, an imaginary vermilion bird that guards the south of Kyoto. JPL  · 15402
15403 Merignac 1997 VH6 Merignac, the city in southwestern France. JPL  · 15403
15406 Bleibtreu 1997 WV12 Hermann Karl Bleibtreu (born 1933), professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of Arizona. JPL  · 15406
15407 Udakiyoo 1997 WM16 Kiyoo Uda (1959–2009) was a potter at Shigaraki-ware and an amateur astronomer. He observed meteors, variable stars and occultations enthusiastically and made great contributions to astronomical popularization in Shiga prefecture JPL  · 15407
15412 Schaefer 1998 AU3 John P. Schaefer (born 1934), founder, in association with Ansel Adams, of the Center for Creative Photography of the University of Arizona. JPL  · 15412
15413 Beaglehole 1998 BX9 J.C. Beaglehole (1901–1971), a New Zealand historian and authority on the European exploration of the Pacific. JPL  · 15413
15414 Pettirossi 1998 BC35 Silvio Pettirossi (1887–1917), a Paraguayan aviation pioneer and first president of the Aeroclub del Paraguay. JPL  · 15414
15415 Rika 1998 CA1 Rika Akana, girlfriend of Kanchi, is the heroine in Tokyo Love Story. Some stories of the TV drama were filmed on location in Kuma Town, where this minor planet was discovered. JPL  · 15415
15417 Babylon 1998 DH34 Babylon, one of the most famous cities of antiquity, was the capital of southern Mesopotamia, the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. JPL  · 15417
15418 Sergiospinelli 1998 DU35 Sergio Spinelli (born 1939), a very active volunteer promoting both music and astronomy in Italy. JPL  · 15418
15420 Aedouglass 1998 HQ31 A. E. Douglass (1867–1962) was an American astronomer and developer of dendochronology. For Percival Lowell, he sited Lowell Observatory. Later he directed the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona and in 1923 dedicated the 0.9-m telescope, which became the Spacewatch telescope in 1983. JPL  · 15420
15421 Adammalin 1998 HM81 Adam Mikah Malin, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15421
15425 Welzl 1998 SV26 Jan Welzl, Czech arctic explorer MPC  · 15425
15427 Shabas 1998 SP61 Natalia Leonydivna Shabas (1969–2003), a Ukrainian astronomer at Kyiv Shevchenko National University. JPL  · 15427
15434 Mittal 1998 VM25 Alexander Chow Mittal, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15434
15438 Joegotobed 1998 WF1 Joseph Gotobed, network operations manager for the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the University of Arizona. JPL  · 15438
15448 Siegwarth 1998 XT21 James David Siegwarth (born 1934), a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder. JPL  · 15448
15452 Ibramohammed 1998 XL52 Ibraheem Maqsood Mohammed, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15452
15453 Brasileirinhos 1998 XD96 Brasileirinhos ("Young Brazilians") was chosen by the winners of the third Grande Desafío organized by the Museu Exploratorio de Ciencias of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas to encourage all Brazilian students in their efforts to achieve the necessary goals in their studies JPL  · 15453
15460 Manca 1998 YD10 Francesco Manca, Italian amateur astronomer MPC  · 15460
15461 Johnbird 1998 YT29 John M. Bird (born 1931) is a professor of geology at Cornell University. He is a pioneer in the geological interpretation of plate-tectonic motions and of deep-earth mineralogy. The name was suggested by P. C. Thomas. JPL  · 15461
15462 Stumegan 1999 AV1 Stewart A. Megan (born 1952) discovered the Near Earth Object 2004 BV18 in conjunction with the Spacewatch Fast-Moving-Object Project. This find, made using real-time images transferred to volunteers over the Internet, encouraged others to join the online search. JPL  · 15462
15465 Buchroeder 1999 AZ5 Richard Alfred Buchroeder (born 1941) is an American designer of decentered and other innovative optical systems, including those for astronomical telescopes. Three wide-field correctors used on the Spacewatch telescopes are of his design. JPL  · 15465
15466 Barlow 1999 AR23 Nadine G. Barlow (born 1958), a planetary geoscientist at Northern Arizona University, studies planetary surface feature geology. JPL  · 15466
15467 Aflorsch 1999 AN24 Alphonse Florsch (1930–2015) a French astronomer who was the director of the Observatoire de Strasbourg for many years. A specialist in radial velocities in the Small Magellanic Cloud, he was also secretary of the Groupe d´Alsace of the Société Astronomique de France for 20 years. Now retired, he still continues to teach astronomy in schools (Src ). JPL  · 15467
15468 Mondriaan 1999 AT31 Pieter C. Mondriaan (1872–1944), a Dutch Neo-plasticist painter JPL  · 15468
15469 Ohmura 1999 BC Tsutomu Ohmura (born 1965), a computer engineer and amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15469
15476 Narendra 1999 BW24 Varun Kumar Narendra, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15476
15492 Nyberg 1999 CG89 Michael Herbert Nyberg, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15492
15495 Bogie 1999 DF2 Humphrey Bogart (1899–1957), an American actor who appeared on Broadway and was the star of many a Hollywood film. Often cast in the tough-guy role, Bogart won the Academy Award for best actor in 1951 and was voted male star of the twentieth century by the American Film Institute in 1999 JPL  · 15495
15497 Lucca 1999 DE7 Lucca, the ancient city on the banks of the river Serchio, in Tuscany. JPL  · 15497
15499 Cloyd 1999 FY8 Marshall P. Cloyd (born 1939), a businessman and philanthropist, has provided assistance to organizations in the U.S. and U.K. to preserve historical items and artifacts, and he has encouraged public exhibitions for naval, aeronautic and space programs. The name was suggested by E. K. Gibson and F. Vilas. JPL  · 15499
15500 Anantpatel 1999 FO26 Anant Ramesh Patel, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15500


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15501 Pepawlowski 1999 NK10 Peter Michal Pawlowski, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15501
15506 Preygel 1999 RX132 Anatoly Preygel, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15506
15507 Rengarajan 1999 RC166 Michelle Rengarajan, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15507
15510 Phoeberounds 1999 TF127 Phoebe Robeson Rounds, 2003 Intel STS finalist. MPC  · 15510
15512 Snyder 1999 UK1 Doug Snyder, an American amateur astronomer whose untiring work has reduced or prevented much light pollution in southern Arizona, and his educational efforts have introduced many to astronomy. He co-discovered Comet C/2002 E2 (Snyder-Murakami). JPL  · 15512
15513 Emmermann 1999 UV38 Axel Emmermann (born 1953), a Belgian amateur geologist who was the only person to alert U.S. authorities of an international e-mail sale offering of lunar material. His actions resulted in the recovery of stolen Apollo lunar rock samples and the arrest and conviction of four individuals for the theft (see Sex on the Moon). The name was suggested by E. K. Gibson. JPL  · 15513
15522 Trueblood 1999 XX136 Mark Trueblood, American engineer and amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15522
15523 Grenville 1999 XE151 Grenville Turner, a geochronologist and meteoriticist. JPL  · 15523
15526 Kokura 1999 XH229 Kokura high school is in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. JPL  · 15526
15530 Kuber 2000 AV98 Catharine M. Kuber, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15530
15543 Elizateel 2000 DD96 Elizabeth A. Teel, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15543
15548 Kalinowski 2000 EJ147 Larry Kalinowski (1930–2007), a long time amateur astronomer with the Warren Astronomical Society of Detroit, Michigan, United States. JPL  · 15548
15550 Sydney 2000 FR10 Australia's largest city, Sydney is also the birthplace of the discoverer of this minor planet. JPL  · 15550
15551 Paddock 2000 FQ25 George (born 1918) and Courtney (born 1914) Paddock have retained a decades-long, educated interest in astronomy, planetary sciences and both human and robotic exploration of space. JPL  · 15551
15552 Sandashounkan 2000 FO26 Sandashounkan high school is in Sanda City, Hyoko Prefecture, Japan. JPL  · 15552
15553 Carachang 2000 FG45 Cara A. Chang, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15553
15557 Kimcochran 2000 GV While working for the Spacewatch Project, Kim Cochran (born 1977) showed exceptional talent and creativity at applying new computer technologies during the design and construction of upgraded cameras for the Spacewatch 0.9-m and 1.8-m telescopes. JPL  · 15557
15559 Abigailhines 2000 GR23 Abigail M. Hines, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15559
15563 Remsberg 2000 GG48 Jarrett R. Remsberg, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15563
15565 Benjaminsteele 2000 GM49 Benjamin C. Steele, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15565
15566 Elizabethbaker 2000 GD50 Elizabeth A. Baker, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15566
15567 Giacomelli 2000 GF53 Hillary N. Giacomelli, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15567
15569 Feinberg 2000 GC60 Rebecca M. Feinberg, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15569
15574 Stephaniehass 2000 GF66 Stephanie A. Hass, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15574
15576 Munday 2000 GK68 Emily S. Munday, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15576
15577 Gywilliams 2000 GN68 Genevieve Y. Williams, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15577
15582 Russellburrows 2000 GZ73 Russell T. Burrows, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15582
15583 Hanick 2000 GM74 Andrea L. Hanick, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15583
15594 Castillo 2000 GG95 Jesse L. Castillo, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15594
15599 Richardlarson 2000 GF99 Richard W. Larson, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15599


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15604 Fruits 2000 GT108 Benjamin R. Fruits, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15604
15606 Winer 2000 GU122 Irvin M. Winer (1935–1982), a physicist, teacher and mentor. JPL  · 15606
15608 Owens 2000 GK124 Alexander C. Owens, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15608
15609 Kosmaczewski 2000 GP124 Named in 2002 after Sara Kosmaczewski, a Hamden student, after she won the third annual Discovery Young Scientist Challenge, a national science contest.[7] MPC  · 15609
15614 Pillinger 2000 GA143 Colin T. Pillinger (born 1943), a planetary geochemist. JPL  · 15614
15617 Fallowfield 2000 HK10 Heather L. Fallowfield, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15617
15618 Lorifritz 2000 HF11 Lori A. Fritz, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15618
15619 Albertwu 2000 HE13 Albert Y. Wu, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15619
15620 Beltrami 2000 HQ14 Eugenio Beltrami (1835–1900), an Italian mathematician. JPL  · 15620
15621 Erikhovland 2000 HO20 rik Hovland (born 1970), a computer programmer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL  · 15621
15622 Westrich 2000 HY20 Bradford J. Westrich, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15622
15624 Lamberton 2000 HB31 Melissa L. Lamberton, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15624
15627 Hong 2000 HW52 Danny Hong, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15627
15628 Gonzales 2000 HA53 Eric A. Gonzales, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15628
15629 Sriner 2000 HK53 Kimberly A. Sriner, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15629
15630 Disanti 2000 HT56 Michael A. DiSanti (born 1954) has advanced the understanding of molecular processing and chemistry in comets, in particular of carbon monoxide and oxygen-processing mechanisms, through his studies at the Goddard Space Flight Center. JPL  · 15630
15631 Dellorusso 2000 HT57 Neil Dello Russo (born 1966) has advanced the understanding of molecular processing and chemistry in comets, in particular of ethane and water, through his studies at the Catholic University of America and Goddard Space Flight Center. JPL  · 15631
15632 Magee-Sauer 2000 HU70 Karen P. Magee-Sauer (born 1961), an American astronomer who has advanced the understanding of the chemistry of HCN and acetylene in comets through her studies at Rowan University. JPL  · 15632
15635 Andrewhager 2000 JV27 Andrew T. Hager, 2001 DYSC finalist. JPL  · 15635
15651 Tlepolemos 9612 P-L Tlepolemos, king of Rhodes, son of Heracles and was one of the first kings to join the army against Troy. JPL  · 15651
15663 Periphas 4168 T-2 The Greek hero Periphas from Aetolia was killed by the god Ares. Ares tried to get the armor of Periphas, but Diomedes wounded Ares, with the help of Pallas Athene. JPL  · 15663
15669 Pshenichner 1974 ST1 Boris Grigor'evich Pshenichner (born 1933) dealt with space education for 50 years. Since 1958 he worked in the Moscow planetarium, and since 1962 in the Moscow palace for children's creativity. A member of the Russian space academy, he is head of the Moscow scientific-educational program "Experiment in Space" JPL  · 15669
15671 Suzannedébarbat 1977 EP6 Suzanne V. Débarbat (born 1928), an astronomer of the Observatory of the Paris. She contributed to the development of the Danjon-Astrolabe and wrote La méthode des hauteurs égales en astronomie. She was the president of IAU Commission 41 from 1991 to 1994 (IAU ). JPL  · 15671
15672 Sato-Norio 1977 EX7 Sato-Norio (Norio Sato, 1865–1942), a Japanese educator in the Meiji period, was born in Okayama prefecture. JPL  · 15672
15673 Chetaev 1978 PV2 Nikolaj Gur'evich Chetaev (1902–1959), a Soviet mathematician and mechanician and a professor at the universities in Kazan and Moscow. JPL  · 15673
15675 Goloseevo 1978 SP5 The Goloseevo district in Kiev where the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences is located. JPL  · 15675
15676 Almoisheev 1978 TQ5 Alexandr Alexandrovich Moisheev (born 1943) was a designer of the space observatory ASTRON that successfully operated during 1983–1989. As deputy designer general of the Lavochkin Association he significantly contributed to the implementation of a series of Soviet and Russian space missions to Mars and Venus JPL  · 15676
15691 Maslov 1982 TF1 Vladimir Anatol'evich Maslov (born 1965), an engineer in Simferopol and an inventor in the area of storage and transport of oil, is a friend of the discoverer's family. JPL  · 15691
15695 Fedorshpig 1985 RJ5 Fedor Ivanovich Shpig (born 1955), a qualified specialist in economical sciences, is the president of the amateur football association in Ukraine. He promotes the development of sport and a healthy life-style among teenagers in Ukraine. JPL  · 15695
15699 Lyytinen 1986 VM6 Esko Lyytinen (born 1942), a Finnish amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15699


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15702 Olegkotov 1987 RN3 Oleg Kotov (born 1965), a Russian cosmonaut and physician. He took part in training the crews for the space station Mir. JPL  · 15702
15703 Yrjölä 1987 SU1 Ilkka Yrjölä (born 1959), a long-term dedicated amateur astronomer in Kuusankoski, Finland JPL  · 15703
15705 Hautot 1988 AH5 Antoine Hautot (1909–1998) was the discoverer's physics professor at the University of Liège. He did seminal work on the study of the photographic process and on the foundations of subatomic physics. The name was suggested by C. Sterken JPL  · 15705
15710 Böcklin 1989 AV6 Arnold Böcklin (1827–1901), a Swiss painter JPL  · 15710
15716 Narahara 1989 WY1 Hiroshi Narahara, Japanese coach for the Chunichi Dragons baseball team, and a friend of the first discoverer. JPL  · 15716
15718 Imokawa 1990 BB2 Satoshi Imokawa (born 1965) is an astronomy instructor at the public astronomical observatory Hoshino Bunkakan in Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture. His main interests are observing comets, nebulae, star clusters and solar eclipse. JPL  · 15718
15723 Girraween 1990 SA2 Girraween National Park, Queensland, Australia. JPL  · 15723
15724 Zille 1990 TW3 Heinrich Zille (1858–1929), graphic artist and photographer. JPL  · 15724
15727 Ianmorison 1990 TO9 Ian Morison (born 1943), a radio astronomer at the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory. JPL  · 15727
15728 Karlmay 1990 TG11 Karl May (1842–1912), Saxonian author of splendid fantasies. JPL  · 15728
15729 Yumikoitahana 1990 UB Yumiko Itahana (born 1965), who worked together with Japanese astronomer Atsushi Takahashi (first discoverer), and greatly influenced his astronomical career. JPL  · 15729
15732 Vitusbering 1990 VZ5 Vitus Bering, Danish navigator and explorer JPL  · 15732
15735 Andakerkhoven 1990 WF2 Melisande Kerkhoven (1919–1945), a Dutch medical student at Groningen University, active in the Dutch Resistance during World War II JPL  · 15735
15736 Hamanasu 1990 XN Hamanasu, the name of a Japanese rose, is also the name of a sleeper train that connects Aomori and Sapporo (a 480-km distance) in 7.5 hours. Hamanasu is the only sleeper express train that passes through Seikan, the longest tunnel in the world. The train will be retired in the spring of 2016. JPL  · 15736
15739 Matsukuma 1991 ER Takehiko Matsukuma (1890–1950), an astronomer. JPL  · 15739
15740 Hyakumangoku 1991 EG1 Japanese for the « one million koku domain », the nickname of the wealthy Kaga han (Kaga Province) in the Edo period JPL  · 15740
15742 Laurabassi 1991 LB4 Laura Bassi (1711–1778) was the first woman to receive a philosophical degree in physics at a European university (Bologna). Not allowed to teach, she gave lectures on physics and performed experimental demonstrations, based on Newton's Principia, at her home. Name suggested by K. Leterme. JPL  · 15742
15745 Yuliya 1991 PM5 Yuliya Germanova (born 1986), studied English and Chinese at the Ural University in Chelyabinsk. During the 2013 "First International Conference on the Chelyabinsk/Chebarkul Meteor/Meteorite", she did live Russian translations of the discoverer's talk, as well as live English translations of Russian talks. JPL  · 15745
15752 Eluard 1992 BD2 Paul Éluard, 20th-century French surrealist poet. JPL  · 15752
15760 Albion 1992 QB1 Albion is the island-dwelling primordial man who divided himself into the Four Zoas (Urthona, Urizen, Luvah and Tharmas), in the creation mythology of William Blake (1757–1827). Each Zoa represents important aspects of human character. JPL  · 15760
15761 Schumi 1992 SM16 German ace Michael ("Schumi") Schumacher (born 1969) is recognized as being among the world's best racing drivers. JPL  · 15761
15762 Rühmann 1992 SR24 Heinz Rühmann, German actor. JPL  · 15762
15763 Nagakubo 1992 UO5 Nagakubo Sekisui (1717–1801), a Japanese geographer and Confucian scholar. JPL  · 15763
15766 Strahlenberg 1993 BD13 Philip Johan von Strahlenberg, Swedish officer and geographer JPL  · 15766
15779 Scottroberts 1993 OA3 Scott Roberts (born 1959) for many years has encouraged amateur astronomers to pursue their love of the night sky, spending much time teaching people how to use and enjoy their telescopes. JPL  · 15779
15783 Briancox 1993 PZ2 Brian Edward Cox (born 1968), an English particle physicist. JPL  · 15783
15785 de Villegas 1993 QO3 Esteban Manuel de Villegas (1585–1669), a Spanish poet, became famous for his lyrical work Las Eréoticas (1618), setting with its purely formal poetry a precedent for neoclassism. The naming honors also Jean-Baptiste de Villegas (1721–1806), a member of the Gezelschap van den Heiligen Bloede in Bruges JPL  · 15785
15790 Keizan 1993 TC Keizan Zenji (1268–1325), a Japanese priest who practiced asceticism at the Eiheiji Temple in Fukui prefecture. He contributed to the spread of Zen Buddhism by founding several temples including the Sojiji Temple in 1321. JPL  · 15790
15791 Yoshiewatanabe 1993 TM1 Yoshie Watanabe (born 1963) is a Japanese writer for popular Japanese astronomy magazines. She has published, with her husband Junichi, several popular books on astronomy and general science. JPL  · 15791


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15804 Yenisei 1994 EY5 Yenisei river, flowing from near the Mongolian border to eventually join the Kara Sea JPL  · 15804
15805 Murakamitakehiko 1994 GB1 Takehiko Murakami (born 1956) is a well-known amateur astronomer in Kanagawa Prefecture. JPL  · 15805
15806 Kohei 1994 GN1 Kohei Mori (born 1956), an amateur astronomer and junior high school teacher. JPL  · 15806
15808 Zelter 1994 GF10 Composer Carl Friedrich Zelter (1758–1834) set Goethe's poems to music and wrote songs for male choirs. As director of the Berliner "Singakademie" beginning in 1800, he performed in particular the music of Bach. He founded in Berlin the first "Liedertafel", the prototype for choral societies in cities and towns around the world. JPL  · 15808
15810 Arawn 1994 JR1 The Middle Welsh Pedair Cainc Y Mabinogi (Four Branches of the Mabinogi) describes Arawn as the ruler of the Celtic otherworld, Annwn. JPL  · 15810
15811 Nüsslein-Volhard 1994 ND1 Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (born 1942), a German biologist who intensely studied the development stages of the fly Drosophila melanogaster and shared the 1995 Nobel prize for medicine for her epoch-making discoveries of the fundamental genetic steering mechanisms of embryogeny. JPL  · 15811
15817 Lucianotesi 1994 QC Luciano Tesi, Italian amateur astronomer MPC  · 15817
15818 DeVeny 1994 RO7 James B. ("Jim") DeVeny (1943–2004), born in Alliance, Ohio, joined the staff of Kitt Peak National Observatory in 1967 and became leader of the Instrument Support Group, playing a major role in the success and development of the observatory for more than 30 years. JPL  · 15818
15819 Alisterling 1994 SN9 Alister Ling (born 1962) is a meteorologist with Environment Canada. JPL  · 15819
15821 Iijimatatsushi 1994 TM2 Tatsushi Iijima (1963–2015) was a journalist who worked at Kyodo News for about 28 years. He was a professional photographer who loved motorbikes. He supported the Japanese space missions Hayabusa and Hayabusa2. JPL  · 15821
15822 Genefahnestock 1994 TV15 Eugene G. Fahnestock (born 1980) has made seminal contributions to the dynamical study of binary asteroids. He was the first to investigate the fully coupled dynamics of a detailed binary asteroid system model using the radar-based shape models of 1999 KW4. JPL  · 15822
15828 Sincheskul 1995 BS Boris Fillipovich Sincheskul (born 1936), Ukrainian astronomer, has worked at the Poltava Gravimetric Observatory since 1962. He has observed lunar occultations for over 46 years and he was a pioneer in occultation astronomy in the Ukraine. JPL  · 15828
15834 McBride 1995 CT1 Neil McBride (born 1966) British astronomer who has worked on many aspects of solar system dynamics, including meteor stream formation, interrelations between minor planets, comets and meteors, as well as the structure of the trans-Neptunian region. JPL  · 15834
15837 Mariovalori 1995 DG13 Mario Valori (1930–2000) was an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group. JPL  · 15837
15838 Auclair 1995 FU12 Raymond Auclair, Canadian amateur astronomer MPC  · 15838
15840 Hiroshiendou 1995 KH1 Hiroshi Endou (born 1939) is a confectionery manufacturer and amateur astronomer, active in the Nanyo Astronomy Lovers Club since 1983 JPL  · 15840
15841 Yamaguchi 1995 OX Yamaguchi prefecture, where the discoverer was born. JPL  · 15841
15843 Comcom 1995 SO3 Com Com is the science museum in Fukushima, Japan. JPL  · 15843
15845 Bambi 1995 UC17 Bambi, fictional young deer in Walt Disney's 1942 animated eponymous film JPL  · 15845
15846 Billfyfe 1995 UK28 William Fyfe, Canadian geochemist MPC  · 15846
15849 Billharper 1995 YM10 William Leonard Harper (born 1943) specializes in the philosophy of science. He earned a Ph.D. at the University of Rochester and has been in the department of philosophy at the University of Western Ontario since 1970. The name was suggested by R. Jedicke and P. Jedicke. JPL  · 15849
15851 Chrisfleming 1996 AD10 Christopher Edward John Fleming (born 1956) is a dedicated amateur astronomer, active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, London Centre. As chair of the society's national observing committee, he has encouraged many new observers. The name was suggested by R. Jedicke and P. Jedicke. JPL  · 15851
15853 Benedettafoglia 1996 BB13 Benedetta Foglia (born 2006) is the second daughter of Sergio and Paola Diomede, friends of the discoverers. Benedetta is an amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15853
15854 Numa 1996 CX2 Numa Pompilius, second king of Rome, reigned from 715 to 672 B.C. JPL  · 15854
15855 Mariasalvatore 1996 CP7 Maria Salvatore (born 1963) is an enthusiast of small Solar System bodies, who has played a major role in promoting astronomy to the public. She has organized astronomical and scientific events, especially conferences and seminars for the study of asteroids. Name suggested by Claudio Casacci. JPL  · 15855
15856 Yanokoji 1996 EL Koji Yano (born 1964) is a Japanese amateur astronomer in Ehime Prefecture. A skilled photographer of nebula and star clusters, he is highly regarded for the superior technique. He is a member of the Oriental Astronomical Association. JPL  · 15856
15857 Touji 1996 EK1 Yasuo Touji (born 1949) is a Japanese amateur astronomer in Ishigakijima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. He is now the Chief director of a local astronomy club, "Yaeyama Hoshinokai", and contributes to the popularization of astronomy. JPL  · 15857
15858 Davidwoods 1996 EK15 David Woods (born 1959), a Scottish space historian. JPL  · 15858
15860 Siráň 1996 HO Gustáv Siráň (1934–2000), a Slovak geophysicist and former professor at Comenius University, Bratislava. From 1981 to 1989 he was head of the department of astronomy, geophysics and meteorology, and during this time the Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory in Modra was built. MPC  · 15860
15861 Ispahan 1996 HB12 Ispahan, Iran JPL  · 15861
15868 Akiyoshidai 1996 OL Akiyoshidai, located at the center of Yamaguchi prefecture, is the biggest karst plateau in Japan. JPL  · 15868
15869 Tullius 1996 PL Tullus Hostilius (reigned 673–642 BC), third king of Rome. He was a warrior king, and during the war against the city of Alba Longa there was a famous fight between Oratii and Curiatii. JPL  · 15869
15870 Obůrka 1996 QD Oto Obůrka (1909–1982), Czech astronomer and professor at Brno University of Technology, who founded the Nicholas Copernicus Observatory there and led it for 20 years. He established a program, aimed at young amateurs, for monitoring short-period variable stars. He was an honorary president of the International Union of Amateur Astronomers. JPL  · 15870
15884 Maspalomas 1997 DJ Maspalomas is a town in Gran Canaria Island, Spain. The Maspalomas Tracking Station of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is located there to conduct command operations and receive telemetry from satellites that observe the earth and the moon JPL  · 15884
15887 Daveclark 1997 ER26 David Leslie Clark (born 1956) is an amateur astronomer active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, London Centre, particularly in educational activities. He created ClearSky, a planetarium software package. The name was suggested by R. Jedicke and P. Jedicke. JPL  · 15887
15889 Xiaoyuhe 1997 FD4 Xiaoyu He (born 1994), 2012 Intel STS finalist. JPL  · 15889
15890 Prachatice 1997 GY Prachatice is a southern Bohemian town that began as a small settlement on the Golden Trail that had the rights to sell salt from Passau. The Prachatice of today, founded in the 14th century, is dominated by the Gothic Church of St. James. JPL  · 15890
15891 Alissazhang 1997 GG7 Alissa Yuan Zhang (born 1994), 2012 Intel STS finalist. JPL  · 15891
15896 Birkhoff 1997 LX5 George David Birkhoff (1884–1944) was one of the foremost American mathematicians of the early twentieth century. He made important contributions to ergodic theory, the topological theory of dynamical systems, ordinary differential equations and difference equations. JPL  · 15896
15897 Beňačková 1997 PD3 Gabriela Beňačková, Slovak soprano MPC  · 15897
15898 Kharasterteam 1997 QP The asteroid group at the Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv National University has made important contributions to studies of the physical properties of minor planets. The group's photometric and polarimetric techniques, as well as its numerical and laboratory modeling, are known worldwide. JPL  · 15898
15899 Silvain 1997 RR1 Jacques Silvain (1926–1987) was an enthusiastic amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15899


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Named minor planet Provisional This minor planet was named for... Ref · Catalog
15902 Dostál 1997 RA9 Víťa Dostál (born 1959), a Czech globetrotter who became a legend as the first person in his country to cycle alone 60~000 km around the world. He described the 1994–1997 adventure in Lucky Planet. A professional farmer, during 2006–2007 he made the Panamericana solo bike tour from Anchorage to Ushuaia in 223 days. JPL  · 15902
15903 Rolandflorrie 1997 RP10 Roland (1914–1999) and Florrie (1912–2000) Handley were the parents of the discoverer. JPL  · 15903
15904 Halstead 1997 SD11 Susan Ruth Halstead (born 1959) is the sister of the discoverer. JPL  · 15904
15905 Berthier 1997 SV15 Jérôme Berthier (born 1968) works on minor planets at the Institut de Mécanique Céleste in Paris. His main goal is to develop both accurate ephemerides and the reduction package PRIAM to predict stellar occultations by minor planets. JPL  · 15905
15906 Yoshikaneda 1997 SX21 Yosibumi Kaneda (born 1937), a retired teacher of high school, is an amateur astronomer, active in the Nanyo Astronomy Lovers Club since 1983 JPL  · 15906
15907 Robot 1997 TG10 Robot, word coined by Josef Čapek MPC  · 15907
15908 Bertoni 1997 TE12 Mosé Giacomo Bertoni (1857–1929), a Swiss-Paraguayan botanist, anthropologist and writer. JPL  · 15908
15910 Shinkamigoto 1997 TU17 Shinkamigoto is a town located in the north of the Goto Islands, a group of 140 islands located in the west of Nagasaki prefecture in southwest Japan JPL  · 15910
15911 Davidgauthier 1997 TL21 David Gauthier, philosopher. JPL  · 15911
15913 Telemachus 1997 TZ27 Telemachus, Greek mythological figure. JPL  · 15913
15916 Shigeoyamada 1997 UL7 Shigeo Yamada (1942–2002), an aerospace engineer at the National Space Development Agency of Japan, managed the lunar explorer KAGUYA and the engineering test satellites ETS-VII. Generous and thoughtful, he devoted himself to working on NASDA projects until the "fuel" of his life was finally exhausted JPL  · 15916
15917 Rosahavel 1997 UX7 Josef Havel (1930–2008) was a significant personality in Czech rose breeding. A diligent and modest man, he detected and preserved several color mutations and obtained numerous awards in international rose contests, including the gold medal in Rome for Nette Ingeborg JPL  · 15917
15918 Thereluzia 1997 UE9 Theresia Luzia Ehring (born 1949) is the wife of the discoverer. JPL  · 15918
15921 Kintaikyo 1997 VP Kintaikyo is one of the three most famous bridges in Japan, known collectively as Sanmeikyo. JPL  · 15921
15922 Masajisaito 1997 VR Masaji Saito, Japanese architectural restorer, free-lance photographer and amateur astronomer JPL  · 15922
15924 Axelmartin 1997 VE5 Axel Martin (born 1968) is a longtime German amateur astronomer and co-founder of the Turtle Star Observatory. As a member of the VdS Fachgruppe "Kleine Planeten" he works on the astrometry and photometry of minor planets JPL  · 15924
15925 Rokycany 1997 VM6 Rokycany is a town in West Bohemia about which the first written evidence dates from 1110. In 1947 a public observatory was founded there, concentrating on occultation observations, work with youth, teachers and amateur telescope making JPL  · 15925
15929 Ericlinton 1997 WQ11 Eric John Clinton (born 1955), an amateur astronomer active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, London Centre. JPL  · 15929
15938 Bohnenblust 1997 YA8 de:Frederic Bohnenblust (Henri Frederic Bohnenblust) (1906–2000), Swiss-born American mathematician. JPL  · 15938
15939 Fessenden 1997 YP8 Reginald Aubrey Fessenden (1866–1932) invented amplitude modulation as a means of transmitting sounds by radio. He was a professor at Purdue University and the University of Pittsburgh. JPL  · 15939
15941 Stevegauthier 1997 YX15 Steven Maurice Gauthier (born 1957), a Canadian amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15941
15945 Raymondavid 1998 AZ5 Raymond David (born 1941), ski teacher by vocation and electronics specialist and amateur astronomer by avocation. JPL  · 15945
15946 Satinský 1998 AP7 Július Satinský, Slovak comedian MPC  · 15946
15947 Milligan 1998 AL10 Spike Milligan (born 1918) is best known for his off-the-planet sense of humor in the groundbreaking BBC radio comedy series The Goon Show. JPL  · 15947
15949 Rhaeticus 1998 BQ Georg Joachim Rheticus (1514–1574) was an Austrian humanist, physician, mathematician and astronomer at the universities of Vienna, Leipzig and Wittenberg. He summarized and popularized the work of his teacher Copernicus, initiating the first printing of De Revolutionibus. JPL  · 15949
15950 Dallago 1998 BA2 Giovanni Dal Lago (born 1964), Vicenza amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15950
15955 Johannesgmunden 1998 BS13 Johannes von Gmunden, Austrian priest, humanist, mathematician and astronomer MPC  · 15955
15957 Gemoore 1998 BB27 George Edward Moore, English philosopher. JPL  · 15957
15960 Hluboká 1998 CH Hluboká nad Vltavou, château in South Bohemia MPC  · 15960
15963 Koeberl 1998 CY3 Christian Koeberl, Austrian professor of geochemistry and cosmochemistry JPL  · 15963
15964 Billgray 1998 DU Bill Gray (born 1965) has made several contributions to astrometry, in particular with his Guide series of starcharting software, his Charon astrometry program and his reduction of the GSC 1.1 star catalog to the ACT frame (GSC-ACT). JPL  · 15964
15965 Robertcox 1998 DU7 Robert E. Cox, American long time editor of Gleanings for ATMs (Amateur Telescope Makers) in Sky & Telescope magazine. JPL  · 15965
15967 Clairearmstrong 1998 DN20 Claire Armstrong, collaborator and wife of the discoverer, supernova hunter M. Armstrong JPL  · 15967
15968 Waltercugno 1998 DX35 Walter Cugno (born 1950) works in the Italian space industry. During his career, he developed projects for the International Space Station and space exploration. He supported satellite projects including Sax, Hipparcos and ExoMars. Name suggested by Ilaria Locantore. JPL  · 15968
15969 Charlesgreen 1998 EW11 Charles Green (1735–1771), British astronomer who was the official astronomer on Cook's expedition aboard the Endeavour to Tahiti to observe the 1769 transit of Venus. After the successful observation of the event, the expedition left Tahiti and sailed for Australia and Jakarta. In Batavia Green caught malaria and was buried at sea. JPL  · 15969
15970 Robertbrownlee 1998 FA9 Robert Brownlee (born 1924), an American astronomer. JPL  · 15970
15971 Hestroffer 1998 FA11 Daniel Hestroffer (born 1965), a French astronomer who works at the Institut de Mécanique Céleste in Paris on the determination of an inertial frame from the Hipparcos observations of minor planets. He has also worked on the determination of the shapes of minor planets. JPL  · 15971
15986 Fienga 1998 XU1 Agnes Fienga (born 1973), French astronomer who works at the Institut de Mécanique Céleste in Paris on the global adjustment of analytical theories of planetary motion to observations. She also worked on space navigation at CNES and JPL. JPL  · 15986
15988 Parini 1998 XD24 Eduardo Parini (born 1926), a Paraguayan amateur astronomer. JPL  · 15988
15992 Cynthia 1998 YL4 Cynthia Hug, the discoverer's wife; Cynthia is also an alternate name for the Moon goddess Artemis (from her birthplace, Mount Cynthus on Delos), and this minor planet was imaged many times with the Moon above the horizon JPL  · 15992
16000 Neilgehrels 1999 AW16 Neil Gehrels (1952–2017), was an American astrophysicist who has worked to develop gamma-ray astronomy into a full astronomical discipline. He is the Principal Investigator for the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission (launched Nov. 2004) and was Project Scientist for the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (1991–2000). His father was astronomer Tom Gehrels. JPL  · 16000


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