Michelle Langstone

Michelle Langstone
Langstone at the 58th Annual Logie Awards in 2016
Born30 January 1979 (age 42)
New Zealand
Years active2000 – present

Michelle Langstone (born 30 January 1979) is a New Zealand actress who has been in many films and television series over the years in both New Zealand, and in Australia. She starred as Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx in the television series Power Rangers S.P.D., and later appeared as Master Guin in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.[1][2][3]




Year Title Role Notes
2001 The Waiting Place Amber
2003 For Good Lisa
2007 The Final Winter Mia
2009 I'm Not Harry Jenson Natalee
2009 Separation City Julie
2010 After the Waterfall Lisa
2014 Realiti Selma Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Shortland Street Susan Morris TV series
2000 Xena: Warrior Princess Lana Episode: "Who's Gurkhan?"
2001 Being Eve Miss Renee Episodes: "Being Beautiful", "Being Bad"
2001 Spin Doctors Melissa Swann TV series
2002 Superfire Tracy Torrock TV film
2003 The Strip Tre Regular role (18 episodes)
2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Dr. Katherine 'Kat' Manx / Kat Ranger Main role (38 episodes)
2006 McLeod's Daughters Fiona "Fee" Lauren Webb Recurring role (28 episodes)
2008 Power Rangers Jungle Fury Master Guinn Episodes: "Ghost of a Chance: Parts 1 & 2", "Now the Final Fury"
2009 Legend of the Seeker Livia Episode: "Sanctuary"
2009 Diplomatic Immunity Svetlana Episode: "All Eyez on Me"
2001 This Is Not My Life Sarah Episodes: "1.9", "1.10"
2011-2013 The Almighty Johnsons Michele Brock Regular role (21 episodes)
2013 Go Girls Sarah Bennett Recurring role (10 episodes)
2015–2018 800 Words Fiona Regular role (40 episodes)
2019 Westside Bianca Figgs Recurring role (8 episodes)


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