Morgane Polanski -

Morgane Polanski

Morgane Polanski
Born20 January 1993 (age 27)
Alma materDrama Centre London
Central School of Speech and Drama
OccupationActress, Director
Years active2002–present
Parent(s)Roman Polanski
Emmanuelle Seigner

Morgane Polański (born 20 January 1993) is a French actress and model, best known for portraying Princess Gisla in the History Channel series Vikings.


Early life and education

Polanski is the daughter of Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski and French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. She has a younger brother, Elvis. Polanski was raised bilingually in French and Polish.[1]

Polanski was educated at the International School of Paris. She later studied acting at the Drama Centre London and the Central School of Speech and Drama, graduating in 2014.[2]


Polanski made her acting debut in her father's 2002 film The Pianist. She appeared in two more of his films, Oliver Twist (2005) and The Ghost Writer (2010), in the latter of which she had her first speaking role.[3]

In 2015, Polanski appeared in the British independent film Unhallowed Ground and began portraying Princess Gisla in the History Channel series Vikings.

She directed the shorts The Stroke (2016) and The Understudy (2018), the former of which she also wrote.[4]

In 2019 Polanski starred in Rene van Pannevis debut feature Looted. Pannevis stated, “I hadn’t worked with Morgane before so she was a bit lost after her first scene. Thankfully, she picked it up very quickly and her performance is beautiful. I mean, growing up in that environment, I knew she had the skills.”[5]

In February 2020 it was revealed that Polanski will appear in the Wes Anderson’s new film The French Dispatch.[6]


Title Year Role Notes
The Pianist 2002 Girl
Oliver Twist 2005 Farmer's daughter
The Ghost Writer 2010 Hotel receptionist
Unhallowed Ground 2015 Sophie Dunant
Vikings 2015 Princess Gisla TV series, 2015−present
The Aspern Papers 2018 Valentina Prest


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