Orange Park, Florida
Founded: 1992
Director: Bradley R. Ward (1997- )

NEFLIN, the Northeast Florida Library Information Network, is one of five non-profit library cooperatives committed to serving libraries throughout Florida.

Established in 1992, NEFLIN's membership employs 2,500 staff at 560 public, academic, school, and specialized libraries located within its 24 county service area.[1]

NEFLIN is governed by a nine-member, elected, Board of Directors that represents each type of library in the cooperative.[2]

Through grant funding and membership dues, NEFLIN provides members access to training and continuing education, resource sharing, research and development, partnerships for grant funding, leadership opportunities, and additional services through relationships with other organizations.

Florida's multitype library cooperatives

NEFLIN is one of five multitype library cooperatives in Florida. The other four are:


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