National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler
December 2012/January 2013 cover of National Geographic Traveler
EditorGeorge Stone
Frequency8 per year
Total circulation
(June 2012[1])
First issue 1984
Final issue2019
CompanyNG Media
(Disney Publishing Worldwide)
CountryUnited States
Based inWashington, D.C.

National Geographic Traveler is a magazine published by the NG Media in Armenia, Belgium/the Netherlands, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Latin America, Israel, Poland (started in 2005),[2] Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Spain. A UK edition launched in December 2010 while a US edition was published from 1984 to 2019. National Geographic Traveler's main competitors are Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure.

Other contributors include Christopher Elliott, Deena Guzder, Carl Hoffman, Boyd Matson, and Andrew McCarthy.


National Geographic Traveler began publishing in 1984.[2] Keith Bellows became editor-in-chief in 1998.[3]

In September 2013, National Geographic Society formed National Geographic Travel group by bring its travel assets together including National Geographic Traveler magazine, National Geographic Expeditions, its travel books, digital travel content, maps, apps and travel community. Bellows was named senior vice president of the group.[4]

Bellows was the editor-in-chief until October 2014.[5] Executive editor Norie Quintos was named acting editor-in-chief[5] before Maggie Zackowitz was appointed editor-in-chief in May 2015 reporting to chief content officer Chris John .[3]

Longtime contributor George Stone was named editor-in-chief on January 27, 2016.[6]

With the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney by August 2019, National Geographic Partners publishing operations were transferred to Disney Publishing Worldwide while ending the magazine's US edition.[7] The final US edition was December 2019.[8]


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