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Ondřejov Observatory

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Ondřejov Observatory
Historic cupola of the Ondřejov Observatory
OrganizationAstronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences 
Observatory code 557 
LocationOndřejov, Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Altitude500 m (1,600 ft)
TelescopesOndřejov 0.65-m telescope
Ondřejov 2-m telescope
Ondřejov radio telescope 
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The Ondřejov Observatory (pronounced [ˈondr̝ɛjof]; Czech: Observatoř Ondřejov) is the principal observatory of the Astronomical Institute (Astronomický ústav) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It is located near the village of Ondřejov, 35 kilometres (22 miles) southeast of Prague, Czech Republic.[1] It has a 2-metre (6 ft 7 in) wide telescope, which is the largest in the Czech Republic.



The facility was constructed in 1898, by Czech amateur astronomer and entrepreneur Josef Jan Frič as a private observatory. On 28 October 1928, he donated the facility to the Czechoslovak state to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its independence.[2] The observatory, located at an altitude of 500 metres (1,600 ft), away from the air and light pollution of urban Prague, was administered by Charles University until the founding of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1953, which from then on operated it as part of its Astronomical Institute in conjunction with other Czechoslovak observatories.

In 1967, a telescope measuring 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in width was added to the observatory, which at that time was the 7th largest telescope in the world. Now it is the largest telescope in the Czech Republic and is in the second hundred in the world.[3]

It has been responsible, among other scientific achievements, for the discovery of numerous asteroids; more recent works of astronomers from Ondřejov include examination of the trajectory and origin of the Chelyabinsk meteor. More than 700 minor planets have been discovered at this observatory.[4] While most of these discoveries are officially credited to the astronomers who discovered them, a remaining 23 minor planets are directly credited to "Ondrejov" (the observatory itself) by the Minor Planet Center for the period 1997–2008.[5]

The main-belt asteroid 7204 Ondřejov, discovered by Petr Pravec in 1995, was named for the village where the observatory is located.[1]

Minor planets discovered: 23 [5]
see § List of discovered minor planets

List of discovered minor planets

31139 Garnavich 25 September 1997 list
37788 Suchan 25 September 1997 list
42924 Betlem 2 October 1999 list
42981 Jenniskens 2 October 1999 list
53285 Mojmír 24 March 1999 list
76713 Wudia 6 May 2000 list
82559 Emilbřezina 28 July 2001 list
(109353) 2001 QS153 26 August 2001 list
(113389) 2002 SF17 28 September 2002 list
(119113) 2001 OE77 28 July 2001 list
127196 Hanaceplechová 16 April 2002 list
(131423) 2001 OF77 29 July 2001 list
(138439) 2000 HD98 26 April 2000 list
(164782) 1999 DK4 16 February 1999 list
(172097) 2002 EX107 8 March 2002 list
(216476) 1999 SC22 23 September 1999 list
(264493) 2001 PS50 15 August 2001 list
(281660) 2008 VQ13 5 November 2008 list
(286148) 2001 TG217 14 October 2001 list
(316333) 2010 RP123 19 September 2001 list
(337680) 2001 TR209 12 October 2001 list
(352835) 2008 VR13 6 November 2008 list
(362805) 2011 YZ4 2 December 1999 list


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