Onatas (philosopher)

Onatas (Greek: Ὀνάτας; fl. c. 5th century BC) of Croton[1] or Tarentum[2] was a Pythagorean philosopher.[3] Nothing is known about his life, but a long passage from a work entitled On God and the Divine (Greek: Περὶ θεοῦ καὶ θείου) is preserved in Stobaeus.[4] The work probably dates from the 1st century BC or AD and is part of the pseudonymous Neo-Pythagorean literature.

The author ("Pseudo-Onatas") argues that God is a governing part of the universe,[5] although the universe itself is not God but only divine.[6] He argued against the belief in a single deity on the basis of the many "powers" in the universe; they must belong to different gods.[7] He also claimed that the earthy mixture of the body defiles the purity of the soul.[8]


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