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Birth namePeter Wadams
Born25 February 1978 (age 42)
OriginNew Zealand
Occupation(s)DJ, Producer
Years active1999–present
LabelsDirty Records
Associated actsScribe, Akon, Vince Harder, Starley

Peter Wadams, better known by his stage name P-Money, is a New Zealand hip-hop DJ and producer. His notable work includes the hit song "Everything" featuring New Zealand R&B singer Vince Harder, which reached number one on the New Zealand Singles Chart for three weeks in 2008, however he is best known for his recordings with Scribe including the 2003 smash hit "Not Many". Peter Wadams is also credited as co-writer and producer on the 2017 hit "Call On Me" by Australian singer Starley.



P-Money's initial entry into the music industry was via DJ competitions and student radio. In 2004 he released his second studio album Magic City which charted at #2 on the RIANZ New Zealand Singles Chart. His first single of the album, "Stop the Music", featuring New Zealand rapper Scribe, scored P-Money his first solo #1 single and also charted within the top 10 of the Australian ARIAnet singles chart in April 2005.[1] The album included collaborations with local and international artists such as Akon, Skillz, Jatis, Aasim, Capone, Sauce Money, Bobby Creekwater, Grandmaster Roc Raida and Scribe. The second single off the album "Keep on Calling", featured rising American hip-hop star Akon and charted at #23 in New Zealand.

He won the awards "Best Producer" (for his work on Scribe's multi-platinum album The Crusader) and "Songwriter of the Year" at the 2004 New Zealand Music Awards.[2]

P-Money records for the label Dirty Records, which he co-owns with Callum August. The label was formed in 2002.

In September 2008 he released "Everything" featuring Vince Harder which peaked at #1 on the RIANZ New Zealand Singles Chart on 13 October, scoring P-Money his second number one in his native country.[1] In February 2009 a follow up to "Everything", "Angels", was released to radio and digitally.[citation needed]

In 2015, P-Money produced the soundtrack to the New Zealand film, Born to Dance.[3]



P-Money discography
Studio albums5


Year Title Details Peak chart
2002 Big Things 7
2003 Big Things Instrumentals
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: DRT003
2004 Magic City
  • Released: 3 July 2005
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: DRT12004
2005 Magic City Instrumentals
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: DRT12005
2007 Unreleased Joints and Remixes EP
  • Released: 18 June 2007
  • Label: Dirty Records
2010 Everything
  • Released: 2 May 2010
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: DMT003
2013 Gratitude
  • Released: 17 May 2013
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: 81912
2013 Gratitude: Instrumental Versions
  • Released: 19 July 2013
  • Label: Dirty Records
  • Catalogue: 81912
2014 The Baddest EP (with Gappy Ranks)
  • Released: 1 January 2014
  • Label: Dirty Records, Dawn Raid
2014 Backpack Travels (with Buckshot)[4]
  • Released: 24 June 2014
  • Label: Duck Down, Dirty Records, Dawn Raid
  • Catalogue:
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


Year Title Charts Album
2001 "Sunshine" (featuring Scribe) Non-album single
"Scribe 2001" (featuring Scribe) Big Things
2002 "Synchronize Thoughts" (featuring 4 Corners and Scribe)
2004 "3,2,1" b/w "Get Back" (featuring Con-Psy, PNC & Skillz) Magic City
2004 "Stop the Music" (featuring Scribe) 1 7[6] Magic City
2005 "Keep On Callin" (featuring Akon) 23
2008 "Everything" (featuring Vince Harder) 1 85 138 Everything
2009 "Angels"
2010 "Love Alone" (featuring Vince Harder)
2010 "Say Yeah" (featuring David Dallas and Aaradhna)
2012 "Kinda Lovin" (with Dan Aux) Kinda Lovin EP
2012 "Turn Me Out" (with Mayavanya & Kaleena Zanders) Non-album single
2013 "Celebration Flow" (featuring Aaradhna & Talib Kweli) Gratitude
2014 "New Love" (with CTFD) Non-album single
2014 "Flute" (with Buckshot) (featuring Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly) Backpack Travels
2014 "Baddest" (with Gappy Ranks) The Baddest EP


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