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P2F[2] (Chinese: 个人对金融机构[3]), also known as P2F model or P2F finance,[4] is a concept of Internet finance[5] with full name of person-to-financial institution products.[6] The term refers to the mode in which individuals connect with the products of financial institutions and quasi-financial institutions[7] through the Internet.[8]

In the term "P2F", "P" stands for "peer", and "F" stands for "financial institution"[9] or "financial asset".[10] P2F is gradually derived from the P2P model.[11] The representatives of P2F are Beevault[12] and Yu'ebao (余额宝). [13]


P2F is a term of "Internet finance", which was coined in 2012[14] by Ping Xie and Chuanwei Zou.[15] P2F is a model in which individuals connect with the products of the financial institution[16] and quasi-financial institution[17] via the Internet.

P2F is an upgraded version of P2P.[18] Compared with P2P, financing objects of P2F are financial institutions and quasi-financial institution.[19]


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