PNC (rapper) -

PNC (rapper)

Birth nameSam Hansen
OriginNew Zealand
GenresHip hop
Years active2003–present
LabelsDirty Records
Associated actsP-Money, Scribe, David Dallas, Frontline, Chong Nee, Pieter T

Sam Hansen, better known by his stage name PNC, is a New Zealand hip hop artist and rapper.

The name "PNC" is an acronym for Palmerston North City.

He attended Awatapu College.

PNC first gained underground notoriety performing alongside Breaking Wreckwordz. His unofficial single "Day in the Life" stayed at number one on the Bfm charts for three weeks.[citation needed] He followed that with appearances on P-Money's "321 Remix", "Get Back" and the NZ chart topping[1] "Stop The Music" single from the Magic City album in 2004.

PNC later signed to P-Money's Dirty Records and released his first album, Rookie Card, in 2006. The first two singles, "Bomb!" and "Just Roll", were relatively successful songs in New Zealand. He followed with hit singles[2] P-N-Whoa! and "Who Betta Than This" (which samples the song "3,2,1 Remix"). Rookie Card went on to win the best urban/hip-hop album at the 2007 Vodafone Music Awards in New Zealand.[3]

PNC's second album, Bazooka Kid, was released on 2 June 2009,[4] and his third album, Man On Wire, was released on 18 April 2011.[5] In 2012, PNC supplied the entrance music, a flip of Drake’s The Motto called SBW Theme, for Sonny Bill Williams' fight against Clarence Tillman III.[6]In 2017, PNC released new single Iverson 01, a tribute to Hall of Fame NBA shooting guard Allen Iverson’s MVP season in 2001, when he led the league in scoring and steals. He also mentions Tyronn Lue in the song, who was on the Lakers when Iverson led his Sixers to the NBA finals, and who got to go head-to-head with the Philadelphia guard in Game 1. Iverson put a stellar move on Lue, made his jumper, and stepped over a fallen Lue as he walked by the Lakers’ bench. This song, along with Sonny Bill 04, Jonah 95, and others, implies the meaning that PNC is at the top of his game. He released his latest single, Too Easy, in December of 2017.






Title Performers Album Producers Year
Day In A Life (underground single) PNC Breakin Wreckwordz 2003
Just Roll PNC Rookie Card P-Money, Official 2006
Who Betta Than This? PNC Rookie Card 41 2006
P-N-Whoa! PNC Rookie Card 41 2006
Saturday Getaway PNC, AWA (of Nesian Mystik) Rookie Card Fire & Ice 2007
Moonlight PNC, Zeisha Fremaux Bazooka Kid Official 2008
Find Me PNC, Chong Nee Bazooka Kid Chris Laupama,Mr.Vee 2008
Take Me Home PNC, Mz J Bazooka Kid 41 2008
Tonight PNC Bazooka Kid 41 2009
1/2 Kast PNC Bazooka Kid David Atai 2009
Let Your Lover Know PNC, The Checks Man On Wire Forty One 2011
Murderer PNC Man On Wire Fire & Ice 2011
That Kinda Guy PNC Man On Wire Forty One 2011
All I See PNC The Luke Vailima EP 2016
Sonny Bill 04 PNC The Luke Vailima EP 2016
Hova Song PNC The Luke Vailima EP 2016
Jonah 95 PNC The Luke Vailima EP 2016
Iverson 01 PNC Non-album single Patrick Hawkins 2017
Too Easy PNC Non-album single 2017

Featured singles

Title Performers Album Producers Year
"Team, Ball, Player, Thing" #KiwisCureBatten featuring Lorde, Kimbra, Brooke Fraser, et al. Non-album single Joel Little 2015
Beat Kamp Muzik BeatKamp, PNC ATP,Mr.Vee 2010
RSVP Nesian Mystik, P Elevator Musiq 2009
Whoa Fuck You (Remix) Perceive, Flowz, PNC Second Chance Perceive 2009
City On Fire State of Mind, PNC Faster Than Light State of Mind 2009
Secret Game Zeisha Fremaux, PNC The Soundroom 2009
Rap Game (remix) BeatKamp, MZRE, Savage, PNC, Xy, OP ATP 2008
Think Twice Aotearoa All Stars Aotearoa All Stars Single P-Money, Evan Short 2008
321 (Remix)/Get Back P-Money, PNC, David Dallas Magic City P-Money 2004

Other guest appearances

Title Performers Album Album artist Year
Jeckyl & Hyde PNC, Saia Breakin' Wreckwordz: Stil Fuckin' Music Various 2003
Get Back PNC Feat. David Dallas Magic City P-Money 2004
Move Make Way Tyree Feat. Savage & PNC Sione's Wedding (soundtrack) Various 2005
Don't Change Tyna, JB, PNC Unbreakable Tyna & JB 2005
She Cries Chong Nee, PNC Just Getting By On Love Chong Nee 2006
It's Ova PNC & P-Money Unreleased Joints & Remixes P-Money 2007
Put Your Hands Up Scribe, PNC Rhymebook Scribe 2007
We're Back God Louie Knuxx, PNC Wasted Youth Louie Knuxx 2007
Cap Low Perceive, PNC Second Chance Perceive 2007
Turn It On (Remix) Justice & Kaos, Weapon X, Mareko, GMC, Just Enuf, iLLmacuLate, PNC Turn It On EP Justice & Kaos 2007
Everything (rap remix) P-Money, PNC, David Dallas, Vince Harder Everything single P-Money 2008
In The Mood David Dallas, PNC Something Awesome Fire & Ice 2009


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