Packers–Vikings rivalry

Green Bay Packers–Minnesota Vikings
The Packers and Vikings at the line of scrimmage in 2006
First meetingOctober 22, 1961
Packers 33, Vikings 7
Latest meetingDecember 23, 2019
Packers 23, Vikings 10
Meetings total119 [1]
All-time seriesPackers, 62–54–3[2]
Postseason resultsTie, 1–1
  • January 9, 2005, Vikings 31, Packers 17
  • January 5, 2013, Packers 24, Vikings 10
Largest victoryPackers, 45–7 (2011)
Longest win streakVikings, 7 (1975–78)
Current win streakPackers, 2 (2019-present)

The Packers–Vikings rivalry is an NFL rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.[3][4]

The rivalry began in 1961, when the Vikings entered the league as an expansion team. The rivalry is known for its many close games and the parity of the all-time series. It is considered to be one of Minnesota's most intense rivalries, due to both teams being located in the same division since the Vikings' inception, and the fact that the two states (Minnesota and Wisconsin) are geographically adjacent to one another, thereby allowing them to compete in multiple sports in other leagues such as the Big Ten Conference, although Green Bay's longer-term rival is the Chicago Bears.[5]


Notable moments and games

Game results

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Season-by-Season Results

Players that played for both teams

Name Pos. Years with Packers Years with Vikings
Paul Coffman TE 1978–85 1988
Brandon Bostick TE 2012–14 2015
Brett Favre QB 1992–07 2009–10
DuJuan Harris RB 2012–14 2015
Greg Jennings WR 2006–12 2013–14
Robert Ferguson WR 2001–07 2007–08
Gilbert Brown DT 1993–99, 2001–03 1993
Datone Jones DE 2013–17 2017
Desmond Bishop LB 2007–13 2013–14
Jeff Brady LB 1992 1995–97
Bryce Paup LB 1990–94 2000
Darren Sharper DB 1997–04 2005–08
Mossy Cade DB 1985–86 1988
Ryan Longwell K 1997–05 2006–11
Jan Stenerud K 1980–83 1984–85
Bucky Scribner P 1983–84 1987–89
Carroll Dale WR 1965–72 1973

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Other rivalries involving the two teams


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