Palomar Distant Solar System Survey

Palomar Distant Solar System Survey
Survey typeastronomical survey 
Targettrans-Neptunian object 
ObservationsSamuel Oschin telescope 

The Palomar Distant Solar System Survey (PDSSS) was[clarification needed] a wide-field survey aimed at finding distant trans-Neptunian objects[1] that used the robotic 1.2 m Samuel Oschin Telescope at Palomar Observatory and the QUEST large-area CCD camera. The survey was specifically designed to identify putative members of a Sedna-like population with perihelia greater than 45 AU. The limiting magnitude of this study was 21.3 in the R-band, it was sensitive out to distances of 1000 AU, and 12,000 square degrees of sky were searched. This observing program was responsible for the discovery of 25 minor planets including trans-Neptunian objects and centaurs. (309239) 2007 RW10 and Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà ((229762) 2007 UK126) were among the objects discovered by this survey. It redetected Sedna but no other objects in Sedna-like orbits were identified.


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