Pic de Nore

Pic de Nore
Highest point
Elevation1,211 m (3,973 ft)
Parent rangeMontagne Noire

The pic de Nore (Occitan: Nòra) at 1211 metres is the highest point in the Montagne Noire, on the border of the Aude and Tarn departments, near to the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc in southern France. The Arnette and Clamoux rivers both have their sources on the slopes.


The main feature of the summit is the 102 metre transmission tower, which broadcasts:


Since 2002 the summit is the finishing line for two timed climbs from Mazamet and Villegly (flat until Cabrespine).

The current record holder for both routes is Michel Ambrosini:[1]

The climb from Cabrespine is 17.5  km long with a 5.2% average gradient.[2]

The climb from Mazamet is 17  km long with a 5.7% average gradient.[3]

The climb from Mazamet (via Pradelles) is 25  km with a 3.9% average gradient.

The climb up the slopes of Mas Cabardès, is shorter, at 15.1  km with a 6.1% average gradient but with some very difficult passages over 13%.

The Tour de France passed over the summit for the first time[4] on Stage 15 of the 2018 edition.


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