ProgrammableWeb is an information and news source about the Web as a programmable platform. It is a subsidiary of MuleSoft and has offices in San Francisco, CA. The website publishes a repository of web APIs, mashups, and applications, and has documented over 19,000 open web APIs and thousands of applications.[1] It has been called the "journal of the API economy" by TechCrunch.[2]



ProgrammableWeb was founded in 2005 by John Musser and had documented 1,000 APIs by November 2008.[3]

In June 2010, Alcatel-Lucent acquired ProgrammableWeb as part of a move by the company to align themselves closer to the developer community.[4] Alcatel-Lucent was looking to integrate ProgrammableWeb’s API monitoring services and other API related technologies with its own Open API Service and Developer Platform to strengthen its relationship with developers. During ProgrammableWeb’s time with Alcatel-Lucent, they documented over 8,000 APIs.

Three years later on April 13, 2013, MuleSoft announced the acquisition of ProgrammableWeb to "become the go-to destination for APIs and Integration”.[5][6]

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