Puci Temple (Hangzhou)

Puci Temple (Chinese: 普慈寺; pinyin: Pǔ cí Sì), is a Buddhist temple in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.


The temple was a hall and teaching building of the Qiushi Academy, which was the early root of the current Zhejiang University. In 1897, Lin Qi (Chinese: 林啓), the mayor of Hangzhou, established Qiushi Academy in this temple. Now the temple is the core part of the Qiushi Academy Historic Site (求是書院舊址/求是书院旧址), which is a Zhejiang Key Historic Site & Cultural Heritage under Provincial Protection (浙江省重點文物保護單位/浙江省重点文物保护单位).[1]

The temple was first founded in the South Song Dynasty Shaoxing Era, and repaired in the Yuan Dynasty Zhizheng Era. During the Ming Dynasty, it was destroyed. Qing Dynasty Guangxu Era 1889~1891, it was reconstructed. Lin Qi modified it and founded the first modern school of the Zhejiang Province - the Qiushi Academy (求是書院/求是书院). The temple was used as the school hall and teaching building.[2]

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