R. J. Yeatman

Robert Julian Yeatman (15 July 1897 – 13 July 1968) was a British humorist who wrote for Punch. He is best known for the book 1066 and All That, a tongue-in-cheek guide to "all the history you can remember", which he wrote with W. C. Sellar.

He was born in Oporto, the principal city and port of northern Portugal, where his father was a wine merchant, a family business connected with Taylor's Port. Yeatman had won the Military Cross in World War I before going to Oriel College, Oxford, where he met Sellar. He went into advertising and became advertising manager for Kodak Ltd.

When asked to convert his BA from Oxford into an MA, Yeatman could not find the fee owing to debt, and hence he is recorded in 1066 and All That as "Failed M.A., etc. Oxon".[1]


All of the following books were co-authored with W. C. Sellar:


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