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Radzyń Chełmiński Castle

Radzyń Chełmiński Castle
Radzyń Chełmiński Castle
LocationRadzyń Chełmiński, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Poland
Architectural style(s)Gothic

Radzyń Chełmiński Castle - a castle built in a square formation; the seat of the Teutonic Knights' Commandry, located close to the Castle Lake (Polish: Jezioro Zamkowe) to the north of the town of Radzyń Chełmiński. Currently partially in a ruin.[1]


The castle is one of the oldest castles built by the Teutonic Knights, built in the thirteenth century. In 1446 the castle went into Polish control, in 1628 during wars with the Swedes the castle was partially devastated, slowly turning into a ruin. Currently you are still able to see the tower - damaged by artillery fire. In 1780 Prussian authorities ordered to deconstruct whatever is let of the castle. Bricks from the three wings of the castle were used to build houses for the nearby community. The castle's deconstruction was stopped towards the end of the nineteenth century. Konrad Steinbrecht, mid while planned the castle's reconstruction. The castle's ruins were open for visitations at the end of the twentieth century.[2][3]


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