Randers Stadium

Cepheus Park Randers
Full nameCepheus Park Randers
Former namesRanders Stadion
Essex Park Randers
AutoC Park Randers
BioNutria Park Randers
LocationViborgvej 92A
8920 Randers NV
OwnerRanders Municipality
OperatorRanders FC
Record attendance17,200 (Denmark B vs. Sweden B, 26 October 1958)
After 2006: 11,824 (Randers FC vs. Brøndby IF, 16 May 2010)
After 2012: 9,947 (Randers FC vs. Aarhus GF, 06 October 2019)
Field size102 X 65 m
Renovated2006 and 2012
ArchitectC. F. Møller
Structural engineerRambøll
General contractorA. Enggaard
Randers FC (Danish Superliga) (2002–present)
Randers Freja (1961–2002)

Randers Stadium (Danish: Randers Stadion), known as Cepheus Park Randers for sponsorship reasons (formerly BioNutria Park Randers, Essex Park Randers and AutoC Park Randers) is a football stadium, located in Randers, Denmark. It is the home ground of Randers FC.



Randers Stadion was totally rebuilt in 2005–06. The new stadium was designed by Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller, while Rambøll was the engineer and A. Enggaard contractor.[1]

The pitch was also renovated in 2006 installing under-pitch heating, and automatic watering systems.

In October 2007 Randers FC installed a 37-square metre jumboscreen at the top of the North Stand.

Randers Stadium official capacity are 10,300 of which 9,000 are seats.

The north stand was the only stand, not to be renovated in the 2006 rebuild, but in 2012 Randers FC announced that the North Stand would be renovated. The North Stand would be finished in the start of the season 2013–14. The North Stand was designed by Friis & Moltke, while Grontmij was the consultative engineers and Einar Kornerup contractor.[2]

The stadium consists of 4 stands:

Other activities

In October 2006, the stadium hosted the WUSV 2006 Schutzhund World Championship.

Aerosmith performed at the stadium during their 2007 World Tour on June 6, 2007, with 23,000 people in attendance.

National games

Bionutria Park Randers has never been used as home ground for the Danish national team, but it has been venue of several youth national matches:[3]

Date Home team Res. Away team Competition Spectators
5 October 1952 Denmark B 2–0 Finland B Friendly match 14,000
10 October 1954 Denmark U-21 1–3 Sweden U-21 Friendly match 9,876
26 October 1958 Denmark B 3–3 Sweden B Friendly match 17,200
6 September 1964 Denmark U-21 3–2 Finland U-21 Friendly match 5,100
21 June 1966 Denmark U-21 1–2 Netherlands U-21 Friendly match 4,300
24 June 1970 Denmark U-21 1–1 Sweden U-21 Friendly match 3,000
8 May 1973 Denmark U-23 0–2 West Germany U-23 1974 UEFA European U-23 Football Championship qualifying 4,500
27 March 2017 Denmark U-21 0-4 England U21 Friendly match 5,367

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