Rene Naufahu

Rene Naufahu
Lee Rene Naufahu

May 1970 (age 51)
Years active1992–present
Notable credit(s)
Sam Aleni in Shortland Street
Emperor Gruumm in Power Rangers S.P.D.
Mentor Ji in Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai

Rene Naufahu (born May 1970) is a New Zealand-born actor, screenwriter and director.



Naufahu is perhaps best known for being an original cast member of the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, playing paramedic Sam Aleni for the show's first four years. In the United States, he is better known for portraying various characters in the Power Rangers franchise, such as Emperor Grumm of Power Rangers S.P.D. and Mentor Ji from Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai.

In 2006, at the Air New Zealand Screen Awards, he won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role as Erasmus, in the Toa Fraser film No.2. The film won the Audience Award, World Cinema - Dramatic, after sellout screenings at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2005, he co-wrote television drama The Market with Brett Ihaka, and Matthew Grainger. He was also one of the show's directors, alongside Damon Fepulea'i, and Geoff Cawthorn.

He attended the Amsterdam-based Binger Institute's Script Development program in 2003.

Naufahu's first feature film as director is crime thriller The Last Saint, which began filming in September 2013.

Criminal convictions

On 1 September 2017, Naufahu pleaded guilty in Auckland's District Court to six charges of indecent assault. The charges related to six women who attended private acting lessons conducted by Naufahu in Auckland between 2011 and 2013.[1][2][3] In January 2018 he was sentenced to one year of home detention. Naufahu had an earlier conviction for common assault and wilful damage arising from an altercation in a Christchurch bar in 2001, for which he was fined by the court.[4][5][6]



Year Film Role
2006 Naming Number Two Erasmus
2003 The Matrix Revolutions Zion Gate Operator
The Matrix Reloaded Zion Gate Operator


Year Series Role Note
1992-96, 2014 Shortland Street Paramedic Sam Aleni
1997 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Adamus The Lady and the Dragon
1998 All Saints Gary Headley "The Hard Yards"
1998 Water Rats Tony Rock Episode 3x20 ”Diminished Responsibility”
1998-2000 Tales of the South Seas Mauriri Lepau
2000 Beastmaster Mataffa "Tears of the Sea"
2003 Always Greener Nathan Little "Flesh for Fantasy"
"The Always Greener Variety Hour".
2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Emperor Gruumm
2011-12 Power Rangers Samurai Mentor Ji
2014 Power Rangers Super Megaforce Mentor Ji "Samurai Surprise"


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