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Ricardo A. Olea

Ricardo Olea
Olea in Reston, VA, 2009
BornRicardo Antonio Olea Meneses
Alma materUniversidad de Chile
University of Kansas
Known forRegionalized variable theory
Spouse(s)Lucila Amelia Olea
ChildrenClaudia, Ricardo, Pablo
AwardsKrumbein Medal[1]
Scientific career
InstitutionsUnited States Geological Survey
Kansas Geological Survey
Empresa Nacional del Petróleo

Ricardo Antonio Olea (Spanish pronunciation: [riˈkaɾðo anˈtonjo oˈlea]) is a Chilean American research mathematical statistician with the United States Geological Survey since 2006. Previously, he spent most of his career with the National Oil Company of Chile (ENAP) in Punta Arenas and Santiago, and with the Kansas Geological Survey in Lawrence. He received the William Christian Krumbein Medal in 2004 from the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences.[1] He served as Secretary-General (1992−1996) and President (1996–2000) for the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences.[2]


He has been active in geostatistics since the early 1970s,[3] with briefer involvements in various other forms of quantitative modeling, including geophysics,[4] petrophysics,[5] reservoir engineering,[6] energy resources assessment,[7] compositional data analysis,[8] lithostratigraphy,[9] statistics,[10] enhanced oil recovery,[11] coastal processes,[12] economic analysis,[13] coal mining,[14] geohydrology,[15] marine geology,[16] epidemiology[17] and ichnology[18]

Selected books


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